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17 September 2017
The September CNSW Newsletter is now available. Visit the Newsletter page...
15 September 2017
Do all Clubs know you can register as a program provider on the NSW Active and Healthy website? Also be sure to check out the Top 10 Health Benefits of Croquet.
11 September 2017
The CNSW Board is formed from 7 Directors and this number is necessary so that the work of the Directors can be shared around and that there is a range of views. At the moment there are 5 Directors due to the mid term resignations of John Levick and Peter Coles meaning there are 2 casual vacancies. The Board has decided to fill these casual vacancies as soon as possible and is asking for Expressions of Interest (EOI's) from people who are affiliated to CNSW which if possible, should be returned by the end of the month. The board will review the EOI's that have been received at its next meeting on 10th October. An information document should be read by potential directors. People who fill the casual vacancies must 'retire' at the 2018 AGM and stand for election, however the time spent on the board between now and the 2018 AGM will not be considered as a term.
6 September 2017
Board Chair Nerida Taylor responds to her recent appointment. More...
26 August 2017
The GC Gold Brooch was played at Nelson Bay on 28-30 August.

2 September 2017
The Board profile for Nerida Taylor is now available. Visit Board profiles...
28 August 2017
CNSW held a Special General Meeting (SGM) and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 19th August at the Concordia Club, Tempe. In attendance were the Directors, 31 Club Delegates and a number of visitors - a very good turn out which pleased the Board. An Information Document has been distributed to Club Secretaries which gives some brief details of the SGM and AGM and the other meetings that occurred during the day.
26 August 2017
The new CNSW Board

26 August 2017
NSW will compete for the 2017 GC InterState Shield in Brisbane 6-10 September. CNSW wishes the team all the best in the upcoming battle!

Player profiles...
21 August 2017
The GC Division 1 Doubles and Singles were played at Tempe on August 12th-16th.

16 August 2017
The CNSW 2017 Annual Report has been published and is available on the Governance page. The Annual Report is at the printers and will be available next week so clubs should expect to receive their A5 size copy within the next two weeks. The report has been emailed to club Secretaries and club Delegates and a number will be printed out for attendees at the AGM.
4 August 2017
A new document How to Become a Croquet Coach is now available. Visit the Coaching page...
30 May 2017
A warm welcome to Iluka Croquet Club, now affiliated with CNSW. Details...
8 May 2017
For 10 Reasons to Affiliate with Croquet NSW visit the Clubs page...
6 May 2017
All members can now sign in to update their own details. More...