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07/05/2018 NowraWorld Croquet Day
06/05/2018 TareeWild Fig Golf Croquet Carnival
23/04/2018 NowraNowra Hosts a Wake for Nic Russell
14/11/2017  MAKARA 2017 photo and report
24/10/2017 NowraNowra Hosts Four Day GC Singles Tournament
03/10/2017 QueanbeyanPeter Freer is 2017 GC Champion

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18 May 2018
Our Schedule of Fees and Reimbursables has been updated and is now behind Sign In in the Members Area.
8 May 2018
The May CNSW Board update for Members has been released, with interesting news on the successful outcomes for not one but two sports development grants. A decision has also been made on a way forward for the Tempe site, and progress has been made to refresh the visual image of CNSW through the development of a new logo. Take a look for more details...
28 April 2018
A Members Area can now be accessed after sign in, to contain items less suitable for public access. Initially this contains CNSW Meeting Minutes, which will be removed from the Governance page in due course, and other content will be moved to the Members Area shortly. If your club secretary has entered your email address you can sign in to visit it...
20 April 2018
The GC NSW Women's Singles Championship were played at Tempe on April 13th-15th.

Photo and report...
16 April 2018

It's school holiday time - time to entertain your children and grandchildren and their friends.

  • Bring them to Tempe on Friday 27th April 9.30am - 2.30pm.
  • Activities and games to entertain and maybe encourage them to take up croquet.
  • Bring lunch or buy it at Concordia Club.
  • Questions? Ring Jacky McDonald on 0409 246 294.
P.S. Thank you to Toronto for offering to hold the Junior Day in September.
10 April 2018
The GC NSW Men's Singles Championship were played at Tempe on April 6th-8th.

7 April 2018
Calling out to all Under 21's to discover your inner winner!
The 2019 Under 21 Golf Croquet National Championships will be held in Adelaide on 12-14 January. Grab a mallet and have a go.

3 April 2018
Congratulations to the NSW team for their 3rd placing in the Eire Cup competition.

24 March 2018
The March CNSW Newsletter is now available. Visit the Newsletter page...
14 March 2018
The GC Division 3 Doubles and Singles were played at Canberra on March 5th-9th.

25 February 2018
A Junior Croquet bulletin is now available, with dates of Junior Days and Championships. Here it is...