10 Reasons to Affiliate with Croquet NSW

Croquet NSW:

  1. Works to raise the general awareness of croquet and other mallet sports in NSW & ACT.

  2. Runs State-wide competitions for players at all levels to support improved standards of play.

  3. Promotes the sportís development through coach, referee and junior player development programs.

  4. Provides a low cost member insurance scheme through the ACA.

  5. Promotes member engagement and croquet generally through a regular newsletter and the use of social media.

  6. Provides a website - a platform for member resources/information and to allow coordination of State and Club tournaments.

  7. Supports club management of memberships and handicapping through the provision of a central database.

  8. Supports clubs as appropriate with submissions, applications for funding and dispute resolution.

  9. Represents the sport at a State and National level and provides players with access to National and International events through selection.

  10. Maintains the Tempe Croquet Centre to provide an accessible central venue for State competitions.