NSW club history

Lismore Croquet Club

Timeline of Development and Formation

2nd November 1928 - Public meeting to form Lismore Ladies Croquet Club. Secretary instructed to apply to Council for a grant of sufficient land in the Memorial Park.

2nd December 1928 - Council agree to grant of sufficient land. Bowling Club asked for permission to use their greenkeeper.

18 December 1928 - Bowling Club agreed to allow their Greenkeeper, Mr Don, to supervise laying of greens. Club colours decided: Black and Gold. Annual Subs: 1pound 11 shillings and 6 pence.

26 October 1929 - Tenders called for erection of fence.

17 December 1929 - Agreement to purchase necessary equipment.

26 March 1929 - Opening of green by the Mayoress of Lismore. All members to wear black and gold scarves.

1 April 1931 - Letter from Council giving permission to erect Clubhouse.

18 April 1931 - Opening of lawns

1 July 1931 - Agreement to proceed with building.

27 July 1931 - Tenders accepted for building. Material costs: 83 pound, 10 shillings; Labour cost: 29 pound, 10 shillings.

21 September 1931 - Official grand opening of Clubhouse by the NSW Governor, Sir Phillip Game (although plaque on the Clubhouse wall indicates the opening was carried out by Lady Game, but media accounts suggest Lady Game was unable to attend because of illness)

Ladies opening of Lismore croquet lawn

Early croquet ladies group