NSW club history

Mid North Coast Croquet Council
During the mid 1950ís, four croquet clubs from the Hastings/Manning municipalities came together to discuss the possible formation of a local association, the purpose of which was to formalize regular interaction between them.

The first official meeting took place on 29th January, 1958 when the Hastings & Manning District Croquet Council (HMDCC) was formed with two clubs from the Hastings (Wauchope and Port Macquarie) and two from the Manning (Taree and Wingham) being the four founding members.

This group of four clubs functioned largely unchanged for almost 15 years and the minutes of their early meetings record that the main business centred around organization of inter-club Pennant Competition and an annual District Championship. Some time was also spent trying to ensure that a uniform handicapping system prevailed across the four clubs.

Forster Croquet Club joined the Council 19th August 1972 bringing the membership briefly to five but then four years later, in 1976, Wingham withdrew after a period of non-participation brought about by flagging membership. This club disbanded shortly afterward.

On 10th March, 1990 the Gloucester club was admitted, again bringing the membership to five for a short time.

In 1992 the Wauchope club withdrew because of declining membership and a start-up club from Kempsey was admitted in its place.

At this point the name was changed to Mid North Coast Croquet Council (MNCCC) and it remains so to this day.

Unfortunately, the Kempsey club never managed to become viable and ultimately it officially withdrew (in 1994). In the same year the Wauchope Club closed down completely and its grounds were returned to the council.

From 1995 to the present, the MNCCC has comprised Forster, Gloucester, Taree and Port Macquarie.

The MNCCC continues to run three events each year:
  • An inter-club singles and doubles competition in association and golf croquet.
  • Annual District Championships in association and golf croquet.
  • A Christmas Party.

It celebrated its Jubilee in January, 2008.