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9 April 2019 - Nowra Croquet Club
PPEP Commences At Nowra

Over 6 and 7 April, 2019, Nowra club had the pleasure of hosting the first PPEP being conducted. Eleven keen croquet players from Canberra, Wollongong, Southern Highlands and Nowra were 'entertained' and assisted by Alix Verge of the PPEP committee. The days consisted of classroom theory and lawn practice for the participants. Great 'tea breaks' and superb lunches were supplied by the Nowra catering members.

The weather was fine but hot. and at the conclusion of the activities , Club Captain Margaret Sawers presented Alix with a miniature croquet mallet to use on further visits to other clubs in the programme. The participants have come away with confidence to improve their golf croquet confidence and skills.

Bob Williamson

Teacher and Students
Question time
Little mallet
1 April 2019 - Nowra Croquet Club
Nowra raised money for the local Relay For Life event

Under the guidance of staunch member Brian Mitchell who's was the leader, fund raising prior to and during the event was conducted with our club raising just on $1000.00 in total, for the cancer appeal. On the morning of the relay, we were subjected to drizzling rain, which cleared to a bright sunny day allowing participants to 'do the rounds' and also enjoying the days activities. However, Brians intention of being involved during the night part of the days activities were literally blown away, when we were subjected to a heavy wind storm in the afternoon . As a result, we had to pull up 'hoops' and call it a day.

Another Club member David Knott, came up with the "Accuracy Challenge", where players purchased balls and attempted to run hoop 2 from the base line for cash prizes. In all over $260 was raised from the challenge. David kindly donated the prize money. This was held at the club prior to the relay

Bob Williamson

video link 1
video link 2 of some of the "Accuracy Challenge" action!!

Brian Mitchell with his well appointed raffle table with prizes donated by club members
Brian watches as participants "ran the hoop" for a small donation
2 February 2019 - Sutherland Croquet Club
GC Pennants Preparations

On January 30, members of Holroyd and Blue Mountains Croquet Clubs gathered for a morning workshop designed to provide an in-depth look at all aspects of participating in the Division 2 and Division 3 GC Pennants competitions. Holroyd Club are entering a team in the pennants for the very first time (Division 3).

After a break of several years - and following a relocation of their club from lawns at Blackheath to their current location at Leura - Blue Mountains Club is entering a team in both Divisions 2 and 3.

The first part of the workshop focussed on the organisational aspects of playing in the pennants competitions. This was followed by an exercise where everyone completed a results sheet for a mythical Pennants contest between teams from Woop-Woop Club and Ship Creek Club. (apologies to AAMI !!)

We also looked at details of completing handicap cards for level play in both Singles and Doubles.

We then stopped briefly for a chat and some morning tea before embarking on a session about the new GC rules. The players were keen to know the implications of changes for match play and there were some lively discussions about the outcomes of "strokes" made on a whiteboard "lawn" with coloured magnetic "balls".

Congratulations are due to both clubs for the interest and enthusiasm they have shown in preparing themselves for participation in the GC Pennants in 2019.

Lorraine Hatfield & Lynda Toms
9 January 2019 - Nowra Croquet Club
Nowra Club joins in the fun of Entertaining Young Children over the Holidays

Nowra welcomed 16 young boys and girls aged from 5 to 13 on our courts during the school holidays. Four of our members undertook the 'challenge' of enjoying some ball skills with the younger players whilst our member Marie Mclean showed the older players the fundamentals of G.C. The group has an enjoyable 2 hours

All photos and this article were approved by the head staff in attendance.

Bob Williamson

video link 1
video link 2
video link 3
video link 4
A happy group of children with a happy group of Club members
Karen James club treasurer shows how to 'skittle'
Nola Windley club secretary shows how to 'climb the ladder'
Club Captain, Margret Sawers watching 'great follow through'
Social Secretary Marie Mclean 'golfing'
27 October 2018 - Nowra Croquet Club
Nowra Spring GC Carnival

16 players from Wollongong, Jamberoo, EDSAC (Bateau Bay), Toronto, Young and Nowra competed in the Nowra Golf Croquet Singles handicap and level play tournament held at the Nowra club on Friday 19th to Monday 22nd October 2018.

The games were played in two blocks double round robin format with the first round played as handicap play and the second-round level play,

Bock A was won Wayne Worrall (Nowra) who won 11 out of 14 games to beat Bruce Glasgow (Toronto) with 10 wins.

Block B was won by Di Milne (Nowra) with 10 wins,

When the last game of block B between Brian Mitchell (Nowra)and Barbara Murray (Jamberoo) began both Brian and Barbara had won 8 games each. Brian won to claim the runner up prize.

Barbara in third place was awarded an encouragement award as she entered the tournament on a handicap of 11 unaware that she would be playing level games against players on handicaps much lower than herself and managed to win 8 out of 14 games.

After the games finished a BBQ lunch was enjoyed by players and workers before the presentation of prizes was made.

Article courtesy of Margaret Sawers
Photos/video Bob Williamson

Video of the dreaded hoop 13

Block A winner Wayne Worrall, club captain Margaret Sawers, runner up Bruce Glasgow
Block B winner Di Milne, and runner up Brian Mitchell
Encouragement award Barbara Murray Jamberoo with Margaret Sawers
Pat Moroney, Jamberoo, having a successful jump over blue.
Bernie McAlary, Wollongong having successful jump over yellow
Nice to catch up with old friends
22 October 2018 - Gloucester Croquet Club
Gala Day at Gloucester

On 1st September Gloucester Golf Croquet Club welcomed a pleasant spring day for their annual Gala Day, along with thirty-nine players from nine clubs: Toronto, Manly, Newcastle National Park, Mr Sugarloaf, Forster, Macquarie City, Myall Park, Maitland and Nelson Bay. Lyn Stewart from the Gloucester Club was called upon late on Friday night owing to a last-minute withdrawal.

Margaret-Rose Thompson from Nelson Bay once again was our Gala Day Referee-in-Charge. She was ably assisted by Janine Crellin and Jan Sage from Taree and Penny Jude and Tom Adams from Forster. Some players also assisted during the day.

This was doubles day. Play was over 4 Blocks, each pair playing four games over the day.

Vice President Elaine Leech welcomed the visitors then handed over to Margaret-Rose to deliver the format for the day.

Players were treated to our very popular soup and damper lunch, with morning and afternoon tea (home-cooked scones, cakes and slices) available all day.

The day concluded with the drawing of numerous prizes followed by the announcement of Block Winners.

Block A: Brenda Wild and Carol Goodman.
Block B: Cheryl Lloyd and Sandy Tawa.
Block C: Anne Johnston and Barbara Moran.
Block D: Wayne Johnston & Marion Graff.

Beverley Murray

L-R: Vice President Elaine Leech, Margaret-Rose Thompson with Block A winners Carol Goodman and Brenda Wild
19 October 2018 - Mid North Coast Croquet Council
Mid North Coast Croquet Council - Report and Winners for 2018

The Forster, Gloucester, Taree and Port Macquarie Clubs have had another year of challenging competitions. Two levels of competition are played in association croquet, golf croquet and ricochet.

In the first half of the year Inter-Club Handicap Competitions are held. Each club plays against the other three clubs in one day competitions.

In golf croquet there are twelve games of singles and twelve games of doubles in each match. The 2018 winner of the Jan Sage Plate was the Gloucester Club.

In association croquet, because of the limited number of players, four games of singles and two games of doubles are played in each match. The 2018 winner of the Rogers Plate was the Port Macquarie Club.

The ricochet competition was added this year. In each match eight games of singles and two games of doubles were played. The winning club was Port Macquarie.

The District Championships are held in September/October each year. In association croquet level play singles games are played between the divisional winners. The event was hosted by Forster, run by Barb McTiernan, and the winners were:

Division 1 Ray Vize (Forster)
Division 2 Graham Innocent (Forster)
Division 3 Sue Shenton (Port Macquarie)
Division 4 Neil Fuller (Forster)

Gloucester hosted the golf croquet championships on a wet and windy day. Bev Murray and her team organised the day. This is a team competition with singles and doubles games played. The winners were:

Division 1 Forster (Ray Vize and Sandy Coutts)
Division 2 Gloucester (Bev Murray, Yvonne Bagnall and Brenda Pennicuik)
Division 3 Forster (Debbie Fuller, Norma Bogan and Daphne Young)

The ricochet championships were held at Taree, organised by Jan Sage. The winners were:

Division 1 Sue Moss (Port Macquarie)
Division 2 Bridget Earle (Port Macquarie)
Division 3 Janine Crellin (Taree)
Division 4 Keith Dalton (Port Macquarie)

With the introduction of ricochet we are delighted that eight of our players are now ricochet referees, thanks to the help and guidance of Margaret Thompson.

The final event of the year will be the Christmas Party and Trophy Presentation at Port Macquarie.

The four clubs are very supportive of these inter-club events and foster friendship and lively competition between our players.

Bridget Earle, President
Carol Dwyer, Secretary/Treasurer

Inter-Club Competitions

Association Croquet
Golf Croquet

District Championships



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