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29 June 2019 - Nowra Croquet Club
Milton/Ulladulla "soup and sambo's" visit

The 23rd of June 2019, saw 10 members of the M/U club make a friendly visit to us for a friendly GC game and of course "soup and sandwiches" lunch. The weather was unpredictable with clearing skies for the first games and the setting up of the picnic tables, but alas, the rain descended on lunch time with a hurried escape to the club house for lunch. The rained cleared and GC recommenced. Looking forward to the next friendly.

24 June 2019 - Lismore Croquet Club
Lismore Hosts N.R.D.C.A. Ricochet Tournament

In a pronounced success for Ricochet in the Northern Rivers and for Lismore Croquet Club Lismore played host to the District's 2019 Ricochet Tournament. Played on lawns in splendid condition, thanks to Lawns Manager Bruce Ross, with smooth organisation by Gwen Sharp and the Scorers, and delicious catering by just about everyone, all that was needed for a perfect tournament was vigorous competition by the twenty- two players. They provided it in full measure. Lismore's famous mild and sunny winter gave us perfect croquet weather and helped maintain our mild and sunny dispositions through four active days. Overall the standard of play was tight and there were no easy wins.

The Novice event was won for Merle Larsen (Lismore) by her resolute concentration against Bill Clifton's (Lismore) enterprising approach to shots which was not always rewarded. Merle is showing the sort of form that will make her a formidable opponent against more experienced players next year when her concentration under pressure will stand her in good stead.

The Singles were played in two Divisions, with John Gilhooly a clear winner in Division 1 and Phylllis Waters of Lismore coming home in second place. John played a well-controlled game, and appeared to never get into a situation where he needed a lucky shot. Phyllis played well but had a few lapses just at the wrong times and her results were less than expected.

In the Second Division Singles popular player Gloria Drew (Cherry Street) maintained a lively pace to win ahead of no less popular player Norma Watts (Cheery Street) whose dependable elegance was pleasing to the spectators.

Doubles winners were John Gilhooly and Mary Hughes from Ballina Croquet Club, just ahead of Garry Purcell and Glenda Chapman from Southport Club in Queensland who played a charmingly competitive game. John again played with uncanny accuracy & game planning to give his team its success.

After congratulating the winners, Lismore Club President Barry Waters paid tribute to District Co-ordinater Fay Ross who, he said, had well-earned the satisfaction of running such an outstandingly successful tournament. Barry also congratulated the players on their sustained performance of hard-played croquet combined with courteous friendship on and off the lawns - the true spirit of Croquet.

Ricochet Missionaries please note. Alstonville and Casino Croquet Clubs sent scientific research parties to see what the game is all about. They picked it up so quickly that they were soon able to volunteer as Scorers - very much appreciated by the hard-pressed Lismore members.

John & Phyllis, Div 1 winners
Winners division 2
1 June 2019 - Nowra Croquet Club
Nowra Hosts Bi Annual Combined Probus Club Outing

Nowra again had the pleasure of hosting the first combined Probus clubs croquet outing for 2019. Representing clubs were from, Jervis Bay, Nowra, Shoalhaven Heads, Shoalhaven and St Georges Basin. The weather was cold and windy which did not deter sixty four visitors, with forty six venturing out on four half courts. Members of Nowra Club were on hand to guide the players, some who now are grasping the fundamentals of Golf Croquet. A barbecue lunch was provided by Probus which all enjoyed. However the afternoon activities were shortened by the adverse weather.

This is a popular fundraising event with our club.

Bob Williamson
Brian Mitchell (Nowra), Anne Lowenstein, Norma Fiddes, Russell James, Caroline Costello
Jane Miezio, Michael Miezio, Margaret Sawers (Nowra), Wendy Francis, Vivian Shih
Geoff O'Dwyer, Joan Roth, Neville Anderson, Daryl Roth, John Deeves (Nowra)
Lorraine Moore, Norma Windley (Nowra), Jan Chappelow, Ray Dallewater, Monica Borg
Although the sun was shining, it was 'cold'
29 May 2019 - Blue Mountains Croquet Club
Blue Mountains Celebrates World Croquet Day

Blue Mountains Croquet Club celebrated World Croquet Day in style by inviting other clubs in the nearby region to participate in a friendship day at Peter Carroll Field, Leura.

We are fortunate enough to share the Cricket facilities including two of our three lawns located on the cricket outfield. Our main croquet lawn is a purpose built lawn.

None of our lawns are bowling greens and as such are fairly slow playing.

Our region is a very large region stretching from Dubbo to Cowra and across to the Blue Mountains Club at Hazelbrook.

Due to the travel distance, (from Dubbo and Cowra to Leura is approximately a four hour drive) we invited those clubs closest to us to participate in World Croquet Day.

We were blessed on the day with a beautiful sunny autumn day and welcomed players from Bathurst & Hazelbrook clubs.

In all we had twenty players looking forward to a great social day and games of croquet. We also had a crew of helpers in the kitchen preparing a delicious morning tea and lunch for the players.

Where possible we had a Blue Mountains player paired with a visitor. A player from Bathurst Club paired with a player from the Blue Mountains Club were the winners of the competition.

A great day was had by all.

Contact the Blue Mountains Croquet Club

13 May 2019
Establishment of the Northern Rivers GC Development Squad

A mid October 2018 email from CNSW sparked the formation of the Northern Rivers Croquet Association (NRCA) Golf Croquet Development Squad (the Squad). Initially the Squad's sole objective was to identify players having the potential to reach the standard required for interstate competition.

The first squad meeting was held on 15 January 2019 between 9 players from three (3) NRCA clubs. A total of 28 singles games were played on two lawns. The second squad meeting was held on 1 February 2019 between 11 players from 4 NRCA clubs and a total of 30 games (26 singles & 4 doubles) were played on two lawns. At the end of this meet it was decided that the primary objective of the Squad would be to improve the standard of all interested players within the NRCA region.

Since 1 February 2019 the squad has met fortnightly and now includes members from five (5) of the six (6) NRCA member clubs. Each club nominates 4 members to participate in each squad meet with any shortfall filled by the host club.

Due to lawn constraints within the NRCA region squad meets rotate between Ballina, Casino & Lismore. Players pay a green fee of $6 plus $2 for morning and afternoon tea where there's often a vast array of goodies to feast on during the day, lovingly prepared by members of the host club.

Each squad meet now starts with 6 separate practice drills including placement then run hoop, clearing shots, stun shot then run hoop, blocking and running both long and angled hoops. A big thanks to Ray Chapman from Ballina Cherry Street Croquet Club for introducing the drills.

Feedback from participating players and their club captains has been positive, the generosity of more experienced players passing on their wisdom to lesser experienced players from other local clubs has been outstanding and based on some NRCA pennant games, many players have improved their standard of play. We are looking forward to the Player Pathway to Excellence (PPEP) Training Session for Golf croquet players at Ballina lawns in July 2019 and hope local coaches who also participate in this training add a further dimension to player development.

The Squad is only 4 months old so still in its early days. We're keen for ideas so if you have a suggestion please contact David Scott as per below.

Special mention needs to be made of Peter Montague who provided valuable guidance in the squads' early days and continues to provide advice and encouragement.

David Scott
NRCA Golf Croquet Development Squad
M: 0414 241 290
28 April 2019 - Queanbeyan Croquet Club
"Come & Try" at Queanbeyan Croquet Club

The Queanbeyan Croquet Club conducted three successful "Come & Try" days in February and March this year.

The days coincided with the Senior's Weeks in both NSW and the ACT. The age-range of those who acted on the advertisement were certainly not all seniors.

The club received a grant from the Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council for the NSW Senior's Week to assist with costs including printing, refreshments and any incidentals.

Advertising was part of the Senior's program in the local newspaper, community radio and the weekly magazines. Also, for the ACT Senior's Week there was promotion on the local ABC radio station.

For the NSW Senior's Week the club held the "Come & Try" days on the Thursday and Saturday in that week. Saturday proved to be the more popular but both days were successful with the number of people turning-up beyond the clubs expectations.

However the number increased for the March "Come & Try" day. Not only was there an increase in numbers but the age range was remarkable. There certainly was the mature age people but this was certainly balanced out by the under 35 years in attendance. The youngest was eight years old. She was with her five siblings as well as her parents.

The club members who assisted with the coaching of new players and helping with meeting and greeting and socialising were very happy with the promotion. Even better, many of the new people signed up to join the club and others took advantage of free games after the coaching day to see if they were still enthusiastic about croquet and will join up next financial year.

This was the second year of "Come & Try" promotion and it was much more successful so it will more than likely be held next year during the Senior's Weeks in Queanbeyan.
9 April 2019 - Nowra Croquet Club
PPEP Commences At Nowra

Over 6 and 7 April, 2019, Nowra club had the pleasure of hosting the first PPEP being conducted. Eleven keen croquet players from Canberra, Wollongong, Southern Highlands and Nowra were 'entertained' and assisted by Alix Verge of the PPEP committee. The days consisted of classroom theory and lawn practice for the participants. Great 'tea breaks' and superb lunches were supplied by the Nowra catering members.

The weather was fine but hot. and at the conclusion of the activities , Club Captain Margaret Sawers presented Alix with a miniature croquet mallet to use on further visits to other clubs in the programme. The participants have come away with confidence to improve their golf croquet confidence and skills.

Bob Williamson

Teacher and Students
Question time
Little mallet
1 April 2019 - Nowra Croquet Club
Nowra raised money for the local Relay For Life event

Under the guidance of staunch member Brian Mitchell who's was the leader, fund raising prior to and during the event was conducted with our club raising just on $1000.00 in total, for the cancer appeal. On the morning of the relay, we were subjected to drizzling rain, which cleared to a bright sunny day allowing participants to 'do the rounds' and also enjoying the days activities. However, Brians intention of being involved during the night part of the days activities were literally blown away, when we were subjected to a heavy wind storm in the afternoon . As a result, we had to pull up 'hoops' and call it a day.

Another Club member David Knott, came up with the "Accuracy Challenge", where players purchased balls and attempted to run hoop 2 from the base line for cash prizes. In all over $260 was raised from the challenge. David kindly donated the prize money. This was held at the club prior to the relay

Bob Williamson

video link 1
video link 2 of some of the "Accuracy Challenge" action!!

Brian Mitchell with his well appointed raffle table with prizes donated by club members
Brian watches as participants "ran the hoop" for a small donation
2 February 2019 - Sutherland Croquet Club
GC Pennants Preparations

On January 30, members of Holroyd and Blue Mountains Croquet Clubs gathered for a morning workshop designed to provide an in-depth look at all aspects of participating in the Division 2 and Division 3 GC Pennants competitions. Holroyd Club are entering a team in the pennants for the very first time (Division 3).

After a break of several years - and following a relocation of their club from lawns at Blackheath to their current location at Leura - Blue Mountains Club is entering a team in both Divisions 2 and 3.

The first part of the workshop focussed on the organisational aspects of playing in the pennants competitions. This was followed by an exercise where everyone completed a results sheet for a mythical Pennants contest between teams from Woop-Woop Club and Ship Creek Club. (apologies to AAMI !!)

We also looked at details of completing handicap cards for level play in both Singles and Doubles.

We then stopped briefly for a chat and some morning tea before embarking on a session about the new GC rules. The players were keen to know the implications of changes for match play and there were some lively discussions about the outcomes of "strokes" made on a whiteboard "lawn" with coloured magnetic "balls".

Congratulations are due to both clubs for the interest and enthusiasm they have shown in preparing themselves for participation in the GC Pennants in 2019.

Lorraine Hatfield & Lynda Toms
9 January 2019 - Nowra Croquet Club
Nowra Club joins in the fun of Entertaining Young Children over the Holidays

Nowra welcomed 16 young boys and girls aged from 5 to 13 on our courts during the school holidays. Four of our members undertook the 'challenge' of enjoying some ball skills with the younger players whilst our member Marie Mclean showed the older players the fundamentals of G.C. The group has an enjoyable 2 hours

All photos and this article were approved by the head staff in attendance.

Bob Williamson

video link 1
video link 2
video link 3
video link 4
A happy group of children with a happy group of Club members
Karen James club treasurer shows how to 'skittle'
Nola Windley club secretary shows how to 'climb the ladder'
Club Captain, Margret Sawers watching 'great follow through'
Social Secretary Marie Mclean 'golfing'
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