Club tournament results

14 Point Invitational Day
14 February 2004
Mangrove Mountain Croquet Club
Twelve players assembled in the early hours of 14 February (Valentine's Day) 2004 for an invitational 14 point day. All games were played for 1-1/4 hours with the modified rule that play ceases on the bell. There were no extra turns and a ball in motion does not count. In case of a draw, the person scoring hoop 1 at the beginning of the game was declared the winner.

Play started at 8am and each player had six games. By the afternoon everybody had had enough. The weather was fine but hot, so cool drinks were the order of the day. Only one triple peel was done and that was accomplished by Pete Landrebe.

Lo Hearne and wife Beryl were in attendance as was John Ballantyne and Judy. To round out the Mosman contingent was Mal Russell who thoroughly enjoyed himself.

There were great discussions as to what were the best tactics to play the 14 point game and it was interesting in the variety of views.

The eventual winner was John Ballantyne with six wins . He maintains he had not played the 14 point game before but there is some doubt about that. Lorraine Le Blang was runner up with 4 wins.

All in all a great day for the participants and our thanks to the organisers.