Club tournament results

Port Macquarie Annual Carnival
22-28 July 2006
Port Macquarie Croquet Club
With over 100 mm of rain during the carnival, some of the games were played in challenging conditions. We did, however, discover how well drained are courts are: when the next door bowling greens looked like swimming pools we had no surface water.

The Individual Doubles competition, with format created by Tournament referee, Larry Bryant, proved to be a great success. It was a combination of Swiss and Egyptian events. All games were played with a different partner. Three games were played in the preliminary rounds and the top twenty competitors played in a final challenge.

Tony Hall inspired us all to do greater things and we all now know how to check that we have set up peels and peg-outs correctly (see photo).

Singles winners were:

Block A: 1. Tony Hall (Canberra), 2. Nerida Taylor (Canberra).
Block B: 1. Margaret McMaster (Boolaroo), 2. Bev Oldfield (Urunga).
Block C: 1. Pam Ingham (National Park, Newcastle), 2. Margaret Mitchell (Murwillumbah).
Block D: 1. Glenda Smith (Coolangatta), 2. Jenny Arnold (Sawtell).
Block E: 1. Harry Taylor (Coogee), 2. Bill Cooper (National Park, Newcastle).
Block F: 1. Kurt Beck (Toronto), 2. Alison Colla (Orange).
Block G: 1. Bill Strick (Dubbo), 2. Bill Hunter (Urunga).

The winners of the Individual Doubles were:

1. Bill Strick (Dubbo), 2. Margaret Mitchell (Murwillumbah), 3. Nerida Taylor (Canberra), 4. Jean Gledhill (Cheltenham), 5. Tony Hall (Canberra).

Margaret Pulsford was the winner of the first ‘Peg out’ trophy, which was donated by the Cheltenham and Killara clubs in 2005.

Bridget Earle (Carnival Secretary)