Club tournament results

Inaugural Golf Croquet Carnival
22-24 Aug 2007
Urunga Croquet Club
The Urunga Croquet Club held their inaugural Golf Croquet Carnival of the period 22 - 24 August 2007. After many months of careful planning our first golf croquet carnival was nearly upon us - everything had gone according to plan up to the weekend before the carnival was due to start. The ‘weather gods’ then decided to present the Club with a bit of a challenge and nearly 300 mils (12 inches in the old scale) of rain fell over the Sunday and Monday. For those of you who know the area, the golf course was closed due to flooding and Lawn No 1 was half submerged on the Monday afternoon. The weather cleared a bit on the Tuesday and although the golf course was still flooded, the croquet lawns had dried out and you could park the car and not get your feet wet walking into the Club.

The Wednesday saw play commence with the doubles and although there was showers throughout the day everything went to plan and players appeared to be enjoying the competition. Unfortunately that pesky ‘weather god’ again decided to challenge the organisers and another 50 mils fell overnight and once again Lawn No 1 was partly under water. The Greenkeeper advised that play was not possible on that lawn and all in attendance agreed. To keep things rolling the Management Committee decided to cut the time limit on games to 30 minutes in an effort to continue play using just Lawn No 2. Lawn No 1 was opened on and off throughout the day, but as the rain continued to fall the committee were forced to continue closing it, waiting for it to dry out sufficiently before opening it again. It was amazing that despite the conditions and one lawn being closed for most of the day, not one game scheduled for the Thursday delayed to the next day, although the last game did finish in the near dark and driving rain.

Conditions on the Friday appeared better, although it was still overcast and showers were forecast, however the Management Committee decided to continue with the 30 minute time limit to be on the safe side if the weather again turned nasty. Fortunately the weather held for the day and the carnival was able to be completed on time.

A fitting end to what could have been a bad couple of days, saw the two top players in A Block take to the lawn for the last game of the carnival with four wins apiece. In a tightly contested match the players could not be separated after 12 hoops and it went to the 13th hoop to decide the winner. Congratulations to John Coates from Forster and Bill Blaikie from Taree for giving the spectators such a great finale - John was the eventual winner.

Despite the weather conditions all players seemed to enjoy themselves and expressed a wish to return next year. Perhaps it was the social side of the carnival that influenced their decision as these were well attended, with players and guests enjoying the facilities of the Urunga Golf & Sports Club for a dinner on the Wednesday evening and presentations on the Friday after play.

As we all are well aware carnivals do not just happen and there are a number of people who should be congratulated for making our first golf carnival a success despite the conditions. Firstly, the Management Committee with John Cate the Tournament Manager, Barb Piggott Tournament Secretary, Jim Hick Tournament Referee and Pat Gossip Catering Manager. Thank you also to all the volunteers who assisted with the refereeing and a big thank you to Norma Scott and Joan Hickey who assisted Pat in the kitchen keeping everyone happy and well nourished throughout the three days. Thank you also to our sponsor for the carnival - Coffs Ex-Services Memorial and Sporting Club Limited who were represented at the presentations by Paul Day.

Now for the results:

A Block Robyn Wallace (Maitland) and Glenda Leffler (Killara)
B Block Penny Jude (Forster) and Susan Klecka (Port Macquarie)
C Block Carol Hayes (Wollongong) and Bernie McAlary (Wollongong)
D Block Mollie Carter (Nelson Bay) and Dianne Cheetham (Maitland)
A Block Winner John Coates (Forster) Runner Up Bill Blaikie (Taree)
B Block Winner Joe Dimech (Taree) Runner Up John Compton (Maitland)
C Block Winner Dianne Cheetham (Maitland) Runner Up Bernie McAlary (Wollongong)
D Block Winner Terry Cheetham (Maitland) Runner Up Terry Abbott (Cheltham)
E Block Winner Sylvia Andrews (Port Macquarie) Runner Up Lyn Dimech (Taree)
F Block Winner Carol Hayes (Wollongong) Runner Up Robyn Compton (Maitland)

Barb Piggott
Vice Captain
Urunga Croquet Club