Club tournament results

2nd Golf Croquet Carnival
19-21 Sep 2007
Port Macquarie Croquet Club
As the day drew nearer, the days grew longer and over 30 entrants descended on a sunny and warm Port Macquarie.

It was the Club’s 2nd Golf Croquet Carnival. Many other clubs in NSW are so envious of our location that they flock to our carnival. So high were their expectations that they arrived at least a day before play commenced.

Clubs included the Blue Mountains, Gloucester, Maitland, Nelson Bay, Taree, Toronto, Urunga and Warrawee. Three days of intensive competition were played in 6 handicap groups.

The results were:

Block A: 1st - Joe Dimech (Taree), 2nd - Bob Hokin (Taree)
Block B: 1st - Stewart Parkes (Port Macquarie), 2nd - Peter Smith (Maitland)
Block C: 1st - Yvonne Bagnall (Gloucester), 2nd - Lyn Dimech (Taree)
Block D: 1st - Elsina Dilley (Maitland), 2nd - Margaret Leese (Urunga)
Block E: 1st - Maryanne Sharwood (Urunga), 2nd - Barbara Piggott (Urunga)
Block F: 1st - Robert Leese (Urunga), 2nd - Doreen Parkinson (Port Macquarie)
Block A: 1st - Bill Blaikie (Taree) and Barrie Carter (Nelson Bay)
Block B: 1st - Margaret Pedemont (Toronto) and Barry Wells (Maitland)
Block C: 1st - Margaret Leese (Urunga) and Doug Parkinson (Port Macquarie)
Block D: 1st - Shirley Page (Toronto) and Mollie Bird (Port Macquarie)
Block E: 1st - Dion Stump (Warrawee) and Jean Green (Port Macquarie)

After the serious competition had concluded players were invited to take part in some fun games on the lawns.

Our sole sponsors, Broadwater Gardens, Port Macquarie, were very generous, even to the extent of providing perfect weather. Trophies and prizes were presented by Gary Murcott, from Broadwater Gardens, in our Buller Street clubhouse. He congratulated the club on its happy and successful carnival. This was followed by the usual gourmet supper.

Bridget Earle
Carnival Manager