Club tournament results

Australia Day Tournament
26 Jan 2008
Maitland Croquet Club
36 players attended the Maitland Croquet Club Australia Day Tournament from the following clubs: Forster, National Park, Maitland, Toronto, Taree, Mosman, Nelson Bay, Southern Highlands.

The players were selected by ballot with the first 36 names being organised into 6 blocks of six players to play a round-robin style event. Those unsuccessful in the ballot were placed (in order) onto a reserve list. From this list a number withdrew and a couple were later to be selected to play when injuries beset two of those successful in the ballot.

Block A was organised for players with handicaps of 4 or less and level play was the order of the day for them. The remaining 5 blocks played under handicap conditions in blocks of similar ability.

Weather was very kind and players were very competitive and anxious to complete games.

Being one of the first events of the year, players improved greatly as the day went on. Friendships were renewed and new players were welcomed into the "family".

In nearly all games, "Referees In Charge" were employed and contributed to the high standard of play. They were supported by club assistants who made life as easy as possible for them by organising players, score-cards, referees and courts.

Scoring was completed on the club’s computer which assisted players with index/handicap details and to instantly see their progress on a large screen. This, together with a "Now Playing" board, showing who was playing, on what lawn and who were the next players to be ready, contributed to a smooth-running hassle-free day.


Block A (Level Play): Winner Pam Gentle (Maitland) Runner-up Max Wiltshire (National Park)
Block B (Handicap Play): Winner Bob Ogilvie (Taree) Runner-up Bob Hokin (Taree)
Block C (Handicap Play): Winner Steve Dilley (Maitland) Runner-up Colin Lynch (Taree)
Block D (Handicap Play): Winner Steve Thornton (Maitland) Runner-up Barry Wells (Maitland)
Block E (Handicap Play): Winner Barrie Carter (Nelson Bay) Runner-up Christine Ogilvie (Taree)
Block F (Handicap Play): Winner Joy Lavette (Taree) Runner-up Robyn Compton (Maitland)

Tournament Referee, Margaret Thompson was ably assisted by full-time referees in charge, Bev Smith, John Martins, John Compton, Josephine McGrath, Silvia Shipp, Pam Durie, Jill Manton, Carolyn Williams, Trish Thomas and Judy Soper.

Ten handicap changes occurred during the day, indicating that the year could see some new faces moving up the ranks, while others consolidate their abilities.

At the conclusion of the day, $500.00 donated by Maitland City Council was distributed as prizes to our worthy winners and runners up. All players received a copy of the results grids and a group photo of their own block.

Yours in Croquet

Peter Smith
(Tournament Manager)