Club tournament results

Autumn Golf Croquet Carnival
14-16 March 2008
Young Croquet Club

Thirty-six players from Rich River at Moama, Orange, Forster, Canberra, Deniliquin, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, Maitland, Toronto, Wollongong and Port Macquarie played in the Young Croquet Club Autumn Carnival from the 14th to 16th of March.

Two referees came from Victoria, Jim Clement from Sarsfield as Tournament Referee, Graham Howie from Paynesville and Margaret Sawers from Bomaderry were referees for the event. Other qualified referees both playing and others stood in at various times to give them a much- needed break as conditions were very hot.

A carnival atmosphere was evident with members of the different clubs wearing their uniforms of varying colours, bright umbrellas carried by the referees, and blue shade shelters off court added to the colourful scene.

It was run as a handicap event and proved most interesting as the games progressed. It was a keenly contested competition with three blocks of six pairs playing doubles on the first day and six blocks of singles vying to win their blocks on Saturday and Sunday.

Block A --- John Coates from Forster and his partner Michael Speak from the Blue Mountains won with Bernie McAlary from Wollongong and his partner Shirley Page from Toronto runners up.

Block B was won by Kerry Loane from Southern Highlands and her partner Jill Tainsh from Deniliquin with Yvonne Grattan from Canberra and Bill Howe from Deniliquin runners up.

Block C was won by Jan Vaughan from Blue Mountains and Isabell Howe from Deniliqun whilst Silvia Andrews from Port Macquarie and partner Carol Hayes from Wollongong were runners up.

The singles blocks started playing their matches on Saturday morning. The weather was very hot but the contestants were anxious to continue play and litres of water and drinks were consumed.

Block A was won by John Coates from Forster. Runner up was Garry Fensom from Wollongong.

Block B --- Kerry Loane from Southern Highlands. Runner up was Sylvia Andrews from Port Macquarie.

Block C --- Bill Simon from Rich River, Moama. Runner up was Murray Loane from Southern Highlands.

Block D --- Bill Howe from Deniliquin. Runner up was Lenora Everton from Wollongong.

Block E --- Robyn Compton from Maitland. Runner up was Shirley Page from Toronto.

Block F --- John Grattan from Canberra. Runner up was Nan Saint John from Southern Highlands.

Many complimentary remarks were made about the running of the Carnival with players wishing to return next year to participate again. I must say I had a wonderful tournament committee and a team of hard working and dedicated members to help. Without them it could not have been the success it was.

Gillian Powell
Tournament Manager