Club tournament results

Autumn Carnival
27 Feb - 4 Mar 2009
Bundanoon Croquet Club

Bundanoon Croquet Club's sixth Autumn Carnival was fully booked by the end of November 2008. It was held over six days from Friday 27th February to Wednesday 4th March. The weather was fine throughout, and all games were played in a good spirit of sportsmanship.

This year the Carnival was contested by 30 players from 11 clubs within New South Wales: Bathurst 2, Boolaroo 1, EDSACC 1, Killara 5, Milton-Ulladulla 2, Narooma 6, Nowra 3,Orange City 3,Toronto 3,Urunga 3, and one from Wynnam in Queensland. The winners were:

BlockWinnerRunner up
ARobin Shenton - Narooma John Gilhooly - Milton-Ulladulla
BFay Simpson - Killara Annette McManus - Bathurst
CJanet Bell - Killara Jim Elston - Milton-Ulladulla
DDiane Gillham - Wynnum QAlison Colla - Orange City
ERobert Leese - Urunga Helen James - Orange City

The Tournament Referee was Sylvia Shipp of EDSACC assisted by Thyra Neilson of Port Macquarie.

The Best Shot award went to Ben Durie of Toronto, here is Sylvia's account of events:

Ben's Green ball is for hoop 2, Brown is for 3 and Pink and White are both for hoop 1.

Ben plays Green and roquets Brown into corner 3.
He sets up to take-off from Brown to reach opponent balls both near hoop 1.
He calls the Referee as he wishes to do a fine take-off.
The take-off is perfect, Brown moving about 6" and Green stopping within easy reach of the opponent balls.
But he misses the roquet.
At this stage Ben has 2 bisques, and decides to take one.
He successfully roquets Pink, does a short take-off to White, makes the approach to hoop 1, attempts the hoop and fails.
At this stage his opponent becomes quite agitated and asks can she say something.
The Referee replies "NO".
He decides to take a second bisque, roquets White and sends it well towards hoop 2.
He turns and does a take-off back to the Pink ball near hoop 1, roquets Pink, sets up the approach to hoop 1 again, and fails again.
This is now the end of his turn.

Ben's comment: "What a ******** waste of bisques to try and run a hoop."
The Referee's reply: "Yes, especially if you check the colour of the clips on hoop 1."

The Best Club Team winners were Robin and Susan Shenton of Narooma. In this event each player is paired, with another from the same club if possible, and the winner is the team that makes the most points during the Carnival.

They all received prizes or trophies, and lots of wine, courtesy of the major sponsor, Pernod Ricard Australia.

A dinner was held on the Sunday night with most of the players attending, all enjoying each otherís company. During the dinner, guest were asked to put on their 'thinking caps' for a geography test - on countries with the letter "Y" in their names - which created much fun. The winner was Kurt Beck from Toronto, who received a bottle of champagne, and everyone received a chocolate.

On the last day visitors included Jim Field from Bath Croquet Club UK, who soundly defeated the president after the sausage sizzle.