Club tournament results

Spring Golf Croquet Carnival
17-20 Sep 2009
Orange Croquet Club
The Orange City Croquet Club held a most successful Spring Golf Croquet Carnival from the 17th -20th September. Players visited from Dubbo, Sutherland, Mosman, Blue Mountains, Walla Walla and Young.

Following a light welcome lunch the doubles began and played in two round robin blocks of 6 pairs. The singles were played in four round robin blocks of 6. The singles saw several changes in handicap. The Carnival was played in perfect Spring conditions, and wonderful camaraderie.

Gillian Powell was the Tournament Referee and Handicapper. Jill and Brian Manton from National Park assisted with Refereeing on the first two days they had kindly combined a family visit to the district to do so. Mary Fernance refereed over two days as she played in the doubles only. Thanks also to Wal Fernance and others for their time when not playing.

The Orange Members were wonderful, looking after our visitors - having the kettle boiling and morning/afternoon teas. Lunches prepared each day and a barbecue on the final day.

Martin Atkins and referee Mary Fernance
Pat, Wendy, Roz, Beryl
Roger, Gillian, Leon, Carol, Dot
Ray, Carol and Roger

The results were as follows:

Block A Doubles:Winners:Edna Kelly and Shirley Close (Young)
 Runners up:Dot and Leon O’Mally (Dubbo City)
Block B Doubles:Winners:Lindsay Thomson and David Brook (Mosman)
 Runners up:Lorraine Friend (Blue Mountains) & Graham Innocent (Dubbo City)
Block A Singles:Winner:Leon O’Mally (Dubbo City)
 Runner up:John Friend (Blue Mountains)
Block B Singles:Winner:Graham Innocent (Dubbo City)
 Runner up:Roger Fox (Orange City)
Block C Singles:Winner:David Brook (Mosman)
 Runner up:Gloria McAllister (Young)
Block D Singles:Winner:Lindsay Thomson (Mosman)
 Runner up:Michael Speak (Blue Mountains)

We now look forward to our Autumn Carnival to be held from the 10th - 14th April, 2010. Registration forms may be downloaded from the Country Croquet Website later in the year as well as being circulated.

A most successful "Come and Try Croquet" Day was held the week before our Carnival - our local newspaper and radio stations gave good publicity. A few of those who attended came along to watch the Carnival. We are now hoping some of those interested will return this week.

Helen James