Club tournament results

Golf Croquet Singles
6 - 8 Aug 2010
Jamberoo Croquet Club
Jamberoo Croquet Club members held their first Golf Croquet Singles Tournament on 6th, 7th and 8th August in perfect weather conditions.

Players had come from Young, Mount Sugarloaf, Wollongong, Blue Mountains and Sydney to participate in this event.

All sixteen players arrived for practice on Thursday afternoon and then moved over to the Bowling Club for drinks and dinner, creating a great friendly start to our tournament.

On Friday and Saturday, we played round robin handicap games in two blocks of 8 and, on Sunday, games were level play in blocks of 4.

Handicap Event
Green Block - Winner: Derek Christopher (Wollongong), Runner-up: Jack Cohen (Sydney)
Blue Block - Winner: Jan Vaughn (Blue Mountains), Runner-up: Brenda Wild (Mt Sugarloaf)

Level Event
Purple Block - John Friend (Blue Mountains)
Gold block - Jack Cohen (Sydney)
Pink Block - Lorraine Friend (Blue Mountains)
Black Block - Jan Vaughn (Blue Mountains)

We were pleased to welcome Margot Johnston and Ingrid Cohen to assist our local referees and all were kept busy during the time. Large scoreboards were used to keep everyone informed of the state of play, so coloured clips were not needed. Some very interesting games were played and there were a number of handicap changes during the tournament.

The Jamberoo Croquet Club Executive Catering Service swung into action, as usual, and provided a continual supply of goodies to help players to keep up their strength!

Our visitors were very complimentary about the friendly atmosphere of our club and the organisation of the tournament. Many thanks to all club members who helped to make this such a successful event.

Brenda Evans
Tournament Manager