Club tournament results

Spring Golf Croquet Carnival
9-12 Sep 2010
Orange Croquet Club
The morning dawned with a glimmer of blue sky, however with adverse weather forecast there was time for practice before a welcome lunch followed by the commencement of the doubles at 1.00pm. Although the rain had started two games were played, however the rain had been such prior to the carnival that by 2.30 it was necessary to postpone the doubles until Friday. With rain continuing over night, much water needed to be removed from the courts before play could commence. Captain John Read, local members and visitors helped with squeegees, tins and buckets to clear huge puddles. The doubles recommenced about 10.00am, all players completed four of their scheduled five games.

The One Hundred dollar shot! Are they touching?
Referee John Friends uses $100 note to test blue, black and yellow,
Mary Dunn waits for the call
Although a little behind, the rain eased, and singles commenced on Friday afternoon - by the end of day we had made up time. Saturday dawned a much better day with the sun shining this continued with the final games finishing as planned on Sunday followed by a Sausage Sizzle and presentation. The doubles event was played in 2 blocks of 6 and the singles in 4 blocks of 6.

Entrants from Nowra, Maitland, Macquarie City,Woollongong, Blue Mountains, Cheltenham, Dubbo, Jamberoo and Young, enjoyed good competition in a friendly atmosphere despite the initial adverse conditions. Tournament Referee Margaret Sawers did a sterling job under difficult circumstances particularly the first two days. Our thanks also to visiting referees; I am sure at times they would have preferred to be inside out of the wet and cold

The tournament Dinner on Friday night was a happy event, players enjoying time to relax, sit back and look forward to seeing the sun on Saturday morning.

Participants were very well looked after by our very able, happy band of helpers in the kitchen with lunches, morning and afternoon teas - a special thanks to them.

Results were as follows:

Block A Doubles:Winners:Leon O’Mally (Dubbo) and Gerry Hassett (Jamberoo)
 Runners up:Bill Haines (Blue Mountains) and Mary Dunn (Nowra)
Block B Doubles:Winners:Zell Ryan (Cheltenham) and Don Sawers (Nowra)
 Runners up:Keith Robinson (Cheltenham) Pat Poynter (Nowra)
Block A Singles:Winner:Terry Abbott (Cheltenham)
 Runner up:Carol Turner (Young)
Block B Singles:Winner:Bill Haines (Blue Mountains)
 Runner up:Bernie McAlary (Woollongong)
Block C Singles:Winner:Val Quick (Orange City)
 Runner up:Don Sawers (Nowra)
Block D Singles:Winner:Keith Poynter (Nowra)
 Runner up:Irene Abbott (Cheltenham)

We look forward to welcoming players to our Autumn Carnival from 12th - 16th April 2011 This is a great time to enjoy all Orange has to offer during its annual F.O.O.D week.

Helen James
Tournament Manager