Club tournament results

Golf Croquet Handicap Singles Tournament
16 - 18 November 2011
Jamberoo Croquet Club
Jamberoo Croquet Club hosted a Golf Croquet Handicap Singles Tournament from 16th November to Friday 18th November. Players came from Forster, Maitland, EDSACC, Mount Sugarloaf, Dubbo, Young, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, Sutherland, Wollongong and Nowra to participate in this event. Two blocks of twelve players allowed all participants to compete against eleven others. Games were keenly contested with many needing the full 13 hoops to achieve a result. A spirit of friendship prevailed throughout the tournament. Eleven of the twenty-four players changed their handicaps during the event.

Games were programmed so that everyone played one game on / one game off. The use of large result sheets and our special scoreboards helped keep everyone informed of the state of play and there was no delay between games.

The final match in the Blue Block was between Graham Innocent and Rudy Katona and was watched with great interest. If Graham won, then he would be the Block Winner. If Rudy won, it would be a count-back. Rudy won the match, so it was a count-back. They were equal on games and nett points, so it was down to the winner of that match - Rudy! A great way to finish the tournament!

The Jamberoo Executive Catering Service (under the guidance of Betty Ball) again stepped up to the plate and supplied a continual array of refreshments for the needy! Sandwich lunches were prepared by the Jamberoo Bowling Club. Most of our visitors stayed at the Jamberoo Pub and Motel so that dinner each evening was a noisy affair!

Blue BlockRudy Katona (Nowra)Graham Innocent (Dubbo)
Green BlockPat Johnston (Forster)Brenda Wild (Mt Sugarloaf)

Many thanks to all the Jamberoo members who helped make this tournament our best yet.

Brenda Evans
Tournament Manager