Club tournament results

Inaugural Winter Golf Croquet Tournament
10-13 Jul 2012
Macquarie City Croquet Club
"A Great Time Was Had By All"

At last, after much arm twisting, Macquarie City held its inaugural Winter Golf Tournament from July 11th to 13th at our lawns on the corner of Karoburra Street and Lakeview Parade, Pelican.

Our Federal Member of Parliament, Jill Hall, opened the competition by hitting the first ball and thoroughly enjoyed the lessons beforehand and the greeting extended to her by club members and players alike.

On the second day, Noel Dates, an elder from the Bahtahbah Land Council, blessed the grounds and wished us well with the weather and the competition..

36 entrants from 12 clubs as far away as Jamberoo, Young, Orange, Port Macquarie and Forster supported by representatives from most of our closer clubs, competed fiercely for block supremacy.

Entrants’ handicaps ranged from 1-12.

45 doubles games of 40 minutes and 90 singles games of 50 minutes were played on our three lawns as two round robin competitions of level play.

At the close of play , after 3 days of wonderful weather and fierce competition a sumptuous afternoon tea was held and then the awards for successful players were presented.

Doubles Block A - Winner: Kevin Page & Elaine Coles, Runner Up: Ian Subbi & Fay Gunter
Doubles Block B - Winner: Dianne Cheetham & Sally Atkins, Runner Up: Bill Munns & Sharlene Subbi
Doubles Block C - Winner: Pat Moroney & Robert Greig, Runner Up: Peter Coles & Marie Munns
Singles Block A - Winner: Ian Subbi, Runner Up: Dianne Cheetham
Singles Block B - Winner: Peter Coles, Runner Up: Terry Cheetham
Singles Block C - Winner: Elsina Dilley, Runner Up: Shirley Page
Singles Block D - Winner: Edna Kelly, Runner Up: Mary Greig
Singles Block E - Winner: Robert Greig, Runner Up: Ron Bell
Singles Block F - Winner: Michael Bone, Runner Up: Sally Atkins

Thanks go to the 6 non-playing referees who gave their time all day every day (even during the rain) only being relieved briefly by the playing refs.

Bev Smith and Barb Piggott (Tournament Referee) were spot on with their organising of the referee roster. Thank you both.

Lots of intriguing events occurred during the tournamentt and it would be remiss of me not to mention some of the most notable.

On Thursday, night a splendid dinner at the 16 Ft Sailing Club overlooking Lake Macquarie was enjoyed by 41 attendees and fun was had by all. In the lead up to this event, one visiting male ended up locked in one of our host’s bathroom while changing for the event. Some suggested it was a desperate effort on her part to get a man but all ended well when he escaped unscathed.

For the first 2 days, all passers-by could see before play began, was Macquarie bottoms up in the air while their owners searched for Shirley’s keys. Sandra went through her bag and found items lost for years so a word of warning, do not attempt to look in a lady’s bag as you never know what may show up. All was not utter gloom though as the keys were eventually found by Carol.

During the tournament a "Lovely Legs Competition" emerged with some guys being very hardy and wearing matter what. The ladies voted and the gold medal went to Bernie, with the silver going to Graham. Although this was all in good fun no expence was spared on the glamorous prize donated anonymously.

Being our first tournament, our club members responded brilliantly by supporting the club in whatever way they could. Some came to help- some brought food- some took on timekeeping duties and some came to see the high quality of the games. All were impressed to see what goes into running an event of this callibre and the quality of the play which ensued. I am sure that many of us will be anxious to travel away to compete now and experience the hospitality we showed to our visitors..

We’ve taken all suggestions on board and hope to improve this event, in the future, thanks to the feedback from all concerned.

Lastly and mostly importantly, a huge "Thank you!" to Peter Smith. We could not have organised this tournament without his expert help.