Club tournament results

57th Association Croquet Carnival
23-27 Jul 2012
Port Macquarie Croquet Club
The club’s 57th association carnival was held over five days, from 23rd to 27th July, at their Buller Street Courts. Fingers were crossed when black skies and intermittent rain loomed throughout the first day. Fair weather prevailed for the rest of the week.

Our club members gave visitors typical country hospitality, with large quantities of homemade slices, scones, cakes, soups and sausage rolls. The three evening social events were well attended.

Thirty players competed in five blocks of six players, playing round robins in each block. The players came from Albury, Canberra, Killara, Maitland, Manly, Mosman, National Park, Narooma, Nowra, Sawtell and Toronto.

All blocks were closely fought, the winners being:

Block A: Winner - Larry Bryant (National Park); Runner-up - Trevor Black (Maitland).
Block B: Winner - Jean Lieschke (Albury); Runner-up - Brian Manton (National Park).
Block C: Winner - Annette du Preez (Manly); Runner-up - Kurt Beck (Toronto).
Block D: Winner - Rob Leese (Sawtell); Runner-up - Pat Goldrick (Killara).
Block E: Winner - David Gibson (Manly); Runner-up - Robynne Madgwick (Killara).

Larry Bryant, until recently a member of the Port Macquarie Croquet Club, played consistently well and with flair. Jean Lieschke was the only player to win all her games.

All games had a referee in charge, under the watchful eye of Tournament Referee, Jim Hicks. The referees were Kurt Beck, Trevor Black, John Deeves, Pam Durie, Bridget Earle, Tony Earle, Pat Goldrick, Tony Hall, Jim Hicks, Ron Humpherson, Margaret Leese, Rob Leese, Jean Lieschke, Brian Manton, Jill Manton, Sue Moss, Ellen Puxty Johansen, Fay Simpson, Peter Smith and John Watson.

Bridget Earle
Carnival Manager