Club tournament results

Golf Croquet Carnival
10 - 12 Oct 2012
Taree Croquet Club
Taree Clubhouse and competitors
Remember the days last October when NSW had heavy rain on the South Coast, snow on the Tablelands and winds everywhere? Taree did not have snow, but...

The 2012 Taree-on-Manning Golf Croquet Carnival was held on 10th, 11th and 12th October.

On Wednesday players from 14 Clubs in an area from Bundanoon to Dubbo and Ballina gathered in Taree and the Carnival began in fine weather which continued all day. The day concluded with a dinner at "The Sailo’s" Restaurant where very good food and a delightful view over the adjacent Manning River were enjoyed.

Thursday was overcast, but dry, until midday when a heavy shower caught players by surprise and left many very wet and bedraggled. But play continued, despite lighter showers continuing throughout the afternoon.

Friday began fine, even some sunshine, but then the clouds rolled in, assisted by strong, very cold winds. But play was not hindered. Maybe because of the cold wind, the same number of players, played the same number of games but took an hour less time than they had on the previous 2 days.

Throughout the changing weather, players and Taree Croquet Club appreciated the effort of the referees, some of whom had travelled from Port Macquarie and Forster purely to referee all day.

Despite the variable weather, a friendly atmosphere prevailed , with great competition and some very good croquet was witnessed.

In the Singles Event, there were 4 Blocks of 9 players. Scores were very close with the final outcome being determined by the last game in a couple of Blocks. Not one of the 36 players won all their 8 games. Three players in each of Blocks B & C had the same number of wins, so that Winner and Runner-up were determined by net points. A similar situation occurred for Runner-up in Block C.

Four Taree players joined the visitors to make 5 Blocks of 4 pairs for the Doubles Event which was held during the first 2 sessions each day. In this event some pairs did win all their 3 games.

Taree Croquet Club welcomed the friendly attitude of the competitors who, in turn appreciated the hard work put in by the Taree members who set up the courts, worked in the kitchen or generally assisted with the running of the Carnival.

The results for the Singles games were:

Block A: Winner: John Compton (Maitland); Runner Up: Graham Innocent (Dubbo)
Block B: Winner: Barb Piggott (Urunga); Runner UP: Bernie McAlary (Wollongong)
Block C: Winner: Kerry Loane (Bundanoon); Runner Up: Jan Serotzki (Ballina)
Block D: Winner: Robert Greig (Forster); Runner UP: Sally Atkins (Orange)

The results for the Doubles games were:

Block A: John Hincks (Port Macquarie) & Gary Barenthien (South West rocks)
Block B: John & Robyn Compton (Maitland)
Block C: Shirley Page (Toronto) & Dion Stump (Killara)
Block D: Tony Earle (Port Macquarie) & Fritz Wespi (Taree)
Block E: Liz Montague (Killara) & Sally Atkins (Orange)

In 2013, this Carnival will be a Singles only event, however each player should still have 11 games over the 3 days. A Doubles Golf Croquet event will be held in May in conjunction with a Singles Association event, during our Wild Fig Carnival.

Tom Akre
Tournament Manager

Dion Stump (Killara) and Shirley Page (Toronto)
- winner of Doubles Block C
Graham Innocent (Dubbo)
and (President Croquet-NSW) John Compton (Maitland)
- runner up and winner of Singles Block A

[Our apologies for late publication of these results - Website Administrator, Feb 2013.]