Club tournament results

Battered Ball Competition
Walla Walla, Albury and Wodonga Croquet Clubs
After many years in the wilderness (since 2006 when we won the first interclub series), Walla Walla Croquet Club have finally won a Battered Ball Competition. This an annual inter-club event between Walla Walla, Albury and Wodonga with 10 matches in total played.

In the Walla Walla "White" team were Captain Alan Hunter, Belle Cahill, Elaine Krause, Melba Muller, Merv Wegner, Ruth Kotzur and emergencies Wendy Tolley, Merv Wegner and Ross Krause.

Walla Walla "White" won 8 out the 10 games, scoring some magnificent victories 12-3 and 9-1 against Wodonga Yellow, 14-1 and 13-2 against Wodonga Red. We also had some close games, Walla Walla "White" vs Walla Walla "Green" 8-7 and Albury White vs Walla Walla "White" 8-7.

The team played consistently throughout the season with everybody having their share of wins.

Alan Hunter