Club tournament results

Golf Croquet Handicap Tournament
21-24 Nov 2012
Jamberoo Croquet Club
Players came from Port Macquarie, Forster, Mount Sugarloaf, Maitland, Toronto, Macquarie City, Dubbo, Young, Blue Mountains, Sutherland, Bundanoon and Wollongong to attend our Golf Croquet Tournament in November. For the first time, we decided to include both singles and doubles. By playing doubles on one lawn and singles on our other two lawns (all double banked), we were able to again use our winning formula of one game on / one game off, giving all players seven games of singles and seven doubles over the four days. Players were divided into blocks, based on handicap, and many games went to the thirteenth hoop. By using the large scoreboards, both players and spectators could follow all games without the need to count clips. This also meant that delays between games were minimal as everyone was aware of the state of play and could be ready to play as soon as the lawn became available. The large result sheets attracted a lot of attention as everyone was keen to know who was winning! All games were handicap so the extra turns provided some interesting results.

As usual, our ladies supplied a wonderful array of goodies to keep everyone well fed! Lunches were ordered from Kings Patisserie. The Tournament Dinner at Harbourside Brighton, Kiama, was well attended. A highlight of this event was an informal question-and-answer session with ACA President, Robyn Wallace.

Raffle prizes, donated by Croquet Extras, were won by Bev Lopez (Macquarie City), Merilyn Brooks (Wollongong) and Pat Wilkinson (Jamberoo).


Blue BlockTerry Cheetham (Maitland)Chris Christopher (Wollongong)
Red BlockRobert Knox (Toronto)Rayna Murray (Wollongong)
Black BlockKerry Loane (Bundanoon)Tony McArthur (Sutherland)
Yellow BlockDiana Knox (Toronto)Maureen McCowan (Jamberoo)
Green BlockTerry Cheetham (Maitland) Chris Christopher (Wollongong)
Margaret Sawers (Nowra) Kerry Loane (Bundanoon)
Brown BlockRobert Knox (Toronto) Murray Loane (Bundanoon)
Sharlene Subbi (Jamberoo) Diana Knox (Toronto)

When there’s nothing else to do, try a jump shot!

After seven successful Golf Croquet Tournaments, the time has come for me to stand aside as Tournament Manager to allow other members to take a turn. I would like to thank all those members who have contributed to the success of our tournaments in many roles, such as referee, scorer, groundsman, cook, waiter, kitchen hand, host etc. It has been a team effort. Thank you, everyone!

Brenda Evans
Tournament Manager