Club tournament results

Golf Croquet Carnival
9 - 11 Oct 2013
Taree Croquet Club
The placegetters
From left Block A: 1st, 2nd, 3rd; Block B: 1st, 2nd, 3rd; Block C: 3rd, 1st.
The ninth annual Taree-on-Manning Golf Croquet Carnival was held from Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th October. This year it was all ‘Singles’ competition as a ‘Doubles’ event had been held during May.

Three Blocks of 11 players took part in the Carnival. During the 3 days of competition each player had 10 ‘handicap’ games. Many came on Tuesday afternoon to practice on Taree’s three courts. Players represented Clubs as diverse as Wollongong, Orange, Dubbo and Urunga as well as Newcastle and Mid-North Coast. Some had competed in earlier Taree Carnivals, but for others it was their first visit.

Competition began in pleasant weather on Wednesday morning, continued through a very hot Thursday and concluded on a much cooler Friday. Thursday was by far the hottest day in the 9 year history of the carnival. Some referees put up with more of the heat than players as they endured consecutive games - their effort was much appreciated.

Many of the players adjourned to the ‘Sailo’s Restaurant’ at the local Aquatic Club on Thursday evening to partake in the Carnival Dinner - an opportunity to relax , talk with fellow players from other Clubs and enjoy delicious food.

There were many close games during the Carnival, while the final results were also close, especially in Block A where the winner won 7 games but was followed by 4 players with 6 wins each. Four more players ended with 4 wins each. Yet this was the Block with the greatest spread of handicaps.

Most competitors played some games on our ‘infamous’ Court 1 with its slope - more visually predominant at the moment because of the wall which in coming weeks will enable the court to be levelled. This should be the last Carnival held on Court 1 in its original condition.

The Carnival concluded with a short ceremony during which prizes were awarded to the first 3 place getters in each Block, more food was consumed and all helpers were thanked. Without enthusiastic Club members to prepare food, prepare the courts and clean up afterwards, Carnivals could not be held. Also greatly appreciated are the referees. Some came from Port Macquarie and Forster while others were carnival competitors and Taree members.

Taree members who manned the kitchen and prepared the courts were well versed in their tasks as they had fulfilled the same tasks only 3 weeks earlier when Taree Club, in conjunction with Port Macquarie Club, had hosted the NSW Golf Croquet Handicap Open Singles and Doubles Events. Some of the referees had also taken part in both events.


Block A: Winner: Graham Innocent (Dubbo); 2nd: Liz Montague (Killara); 3rd: Ray Vize (Forster)
Block B: Winner: Greg Freeman (Port Macquarie); 2nd: Anne Freeman (Port Macquarie); 3rd: Mary Greig (Forster)
Block C: Winner: Helen Maybury (Taree); 2nd: Jessie Aurisch (Forster); 3rd: Pat Johnston (Forster)

Tom Akre
Taree Carnival Manager

Spectators enjoying the shade
The recently constructed retaining wall and Court 1 to the Clubhouse