Club tournament results

Spring Golf Croquet Carnival
11-14 Sep 2014
Orange Croquet Club
The sun shone, spring was in the air for the Orange Golf Croquet Carnival held from the 11th - 14th September.

Twenty four players took part in three blocks of doubles and singles, for the more experienced a challenge and for a few playing in their first carnival a great learning experience.

For the doubles 3 blocks of 4 were timed at 50 minutes, the singles 3 blocks of 8, untimed, however each day ran well with no worries about prolonged days.

This year time keepers for the doubles and court attendants throughout the day played a big part in keeping the days flowing well, thanks must go to these both locals and a few visitors for their assistance.

Our Tournament Referee Margaret Sawers did a sterling job again as did those who volunteered to assist.

Our catering team excelled keeping all well satisfied, not only for lunches but from early morning until end of play.

Players came from Nowra, Wollongong, Killara, EDSACC, Macquarie City, Dubbo and Orange.

The results were:


Block A: Wall Stone (Orange); Runner up: David Turvey (Nowra)
Block B: Beth Stanley (Dubbo); Runner up: Peter Haywood (Dubbo)
Block C: Sally Atkins (Orange); Runner up: Melda Crimeen (Orange)


Block A: Margaret Sawers (Nowra) & Del Haywood (Dubbo)
Block B: Pam Faber (Macquarie City) & Robyn Suttor (Orange)
Block C: Beth Stanley (Dubbo) & Sandra Johnson (Macquarie City)

We now look forward to our Association Carnival from 20th - 24th April and hope to catch up with our GC friends throughout the year and at our Spring Carnival from 10-13 September next year.

Helen James
Tournament Manager

Seated: Peter Haywood (Dubbo), Kay Barron (EDSACC), Lilla Logan (Dubbo)
Standing: Betty Key (Orange), Beth Stanley (Dubbo)
Wall Stone (President, Orange), Geoff Akers (Wollongong),
Melda Crimeen (Orange)
Jenny Brown (Dubbo) and Kath Farrell (Orange)