Club tournament results

Spring Golf Croquet Carnival
17 - 19 Oct 2014
Nowra Croquet Club
During the 17th to the 19th of October 2014, Nowra hosted their Spring Golf Croquet at the Bomaderry courts with 24 players enjoying good weather, gamesmanship , food and friendship . Visitors came from Young, Jamberoo, Mt Sugarloaf, Wollongong, Blue Mountains, Kilara, Toronto, MUCC and National Park Clubs. A number of members of the Nowra club also played and refereed in their first carnival. A round robin was conducted with 3 blocks of doubles played each morning followed by 3 blocks of singles throughout the remainder of the day. With no timed games or set courts, the games ran smoothly and quickly, resulting in completing the carnival within 3 days. A presentation dinner was held on the last evening at the Bomaderry Bowling Club.

The results were:

BLOCK 1 John Deeves (Nowra) R/U Pat Moroney (Jamberoo)
BLOCK 2 Mike McKenzie (Nowra) R/U Margaret Sawers (Nowra)
BLOCK 3 Judy Chidge (Mt Sugar Loaf) R/U Helen Chalmers (National Park)

BLOCK 3 Reigh McCoy Young and Glyn Williams (Nowra) R/U Roberet Knox Toronto and Gerry Hassett (Jamberoo)
BLOCK 2 Phil Pickard Nowra and Pam Weimers (Toronto) R/U Bernie McAlary Wollongong and Bob Williamson (Nowra)
BLOCK 1 Brenda Wild Mt Sugar Loaf and Val Pickard (Nowra) R/U Doug Leadbeater Young and Gail Williamson (Nowra)

Bob Williamson

Margaret Sawers tournament manager "Reading the rules"
L-R Doug Leadbeater, Gail Williamson, Pat Maloney, Helen Chalmers
L-R Brenda Wild, Val Pickard, John Deeves
L-R Mike McKenzie ,Gerry Hassett, Robert Knox, Glyn Williams
L-R William Haines, Diana Knox, Judy Chidge, Greg Deakin waiting their turns
Phil Pickard " scattering the balls"
"White Ball Jumps" Robert Knox, Gerry Hassett
Another fine spring day for croquet in Nowra