Club tournament results

Taree-on-Manning Golf Croquet Carnival
14-16 Oct 2015
Taree Croquet Club
The Taree-on-Manning Golf Croquet Carnival was held from Wednesday 14 October till Friday 16 October. Croquet players from clubs as scattered as Wollongong, Orange and Sawtelll as well as Newcastle, Port Stephens and local areas registered on Tuesday afternoon. During the practice session the only piece of poor weather struck. Wednesday and Thursday were pleasant, but Friday became very warm.

Participants ranged from ones who have played in numerous Taree Croquet Carnival to some who had never before played in a carnival anywhere. A couple of players from this latter group were amongst the winners.

Each day began with a doubles game for each player. This was followed by three games of singles. The games flowed freely and the easy going, friendly nature of all the players meant games were completed by mid afternoon. This gave the visiting players and opportunity to explore Taree and its environs.

All games were 13 point handicap play and the majority of games ended before the 50 minute time limit expired.

On Thursday evening most of the visitors attended a dinner at the ‘Sailo’s Restaurant’ at the Aquatic Club on the banks of the Manning River. They had a very good meal and enjoyed much laughter and camaraderie and until darkness fell, had a pleasant view over the River.

Between playing and refereeing, Janine Crellin took over one hundred photos around the courts, printed proofs, and had orders printed at Office Works. Peter Coles launched his drone [with camera] and handed over a flash drive of photos. There were some great shots of the club grounds, Taree Park and the mighty Manning River. Thank you Janine and Peter.

Thanks go to all who assisted or participated in the Carnival, as a Carnival cannot run without both assistants and participants. Special thanks go to Margaret who came with the Macquarie City players just to referee for the 3 days.

Doubles Results:

Block W: Kay Barron (EDSACC) and Bernie McAlary (Wollongong)
Block X: Jan Ingham(Macquarie City) and Helen Cooper (Forster)
Block Y: Liz Kent (Taree) and Roy Corse (South West Rocks)
Block W: Kay Barron (EDSACC) and Bernie McAlary (Wollongong)
Block Z: Robert Greig (Forster) and Mick Ascoli (Macquarie City)

Singles Results:

Block A:
Winner: Bernie McAlary (Wollongong)
2nd: Mary Greig (Forster)
3rd: Kevin Page (Toronto)

Block B:
Winner: Liz Kent (Taree)
2nd: Janine Crellin (Taree)
3rd: Sandra Johnson (Macquarie City)

Block C:
Winner: Aileen Matlawski (Forster)
2nd: Mick Ascoli (Macquarie City)
3rd: Kay Barron (EDSACC)

Tom Akre
Carnival Manager

First 2 photos courtesy Janine Crellin, second 2 courtesy Peter Coles.

Manning River
Taree Croquet Club