Club tournament results

Spring Golf Croquet Carnival
15-18 Sep 2014
Orange Croquet Club
We had hoped for spring, this year it was not to be, however despite the rain and cold winds the standard of play of our visitors was very good considering the conditions. The players played a 3 x 8 Round Robin singles event and 3x4 friendly doubles.

Twenty-four players from eight clubs including Nowra, Canberra, Sydney, Young, South West Rocks Blue Mountains and EDSAC joined in the carnival.

The winners of the blocks were as follows:

Block Z: Phil Pickard (Nowra) and Sue Luckie (Young)
Block Y: Val Pickard (Nowra) and John Gratten (Canberra)
Block X: Elaine Hird (Nowra) and Don Sawers (Nowra)

1st: Doug Leabeater (Young)
2nd Sue Luckie (Young)

1st: Wall Stone (Orange)
2nd Peter Druett (Young)

1st Leona Druett (Young)
2nd Lorraine Friend (Blue Mountains)

As usual we had great help from our members; they arrived daily with homemade soups, cakes and slices to keep the players’ strength up. We are very grateful for their generosity and also the willing help given by so many members in so many ways, particularly scoring, raffles, refereeing and all that goes towards the smooth running of any event.

Tournament Referee, Margaret Sawers also played therefore the inclement weather was not for her! Our thanks to Margaret, John Deeves and our own Rik Mills for their long hours of refereeing in the very cold and damp weather.

Before the commencement of the Carnival the lawns had come up well, and now for early spring and twice the average monthly rainfall for Orange they are looking green but sodden.

We look forward to better conditions when we hold our AC Carnival from the 27th February-3rd March 2017.

Helen James
Carnival Manager