Club tournament results

Spring Golf Croquet Carnival
14 - 17 Oct 2016
Nowra Croquet Club

Over four days from the 14th to the 17th October 2016, Nowra hosted players from, Young, Mt Sugarloaf, Sutherland, Wollongong, Port Macquarie, Toronto, Killara, Port Hacking, EDSACC, MUCC,S/W Rocks, Jamberoo and Nowra.

In all twenty four players, contested both doubles and singles and although competitive, all enjoyed the comradeship and meeting old and making new friends. The weather changed from mild spring, hot summer and back to winter.

The players enjoyed the facilities offered by Nowra as well as a well run carnival, by Nowra Captain, Margaret Sawers and her tournament committee, whilst local and visiting referees kept the games going. After a light luncheon, Margaret presented trophies to the various block winners

Pink Block: Winners Dianne Bonnitcha (Sutherland) Kevin Davies (toronto) R/Ups Gerry Hassett (Jamberoo) Robyn Wilson (Wollongong)
Green Block: Winners Greg Deakin (Killara) Bernie McAlary (Wollongong) R/Ups Tony McArthur (Sutherland) Lenora Everton (Wollongong)

Yellow Block: Winner Lenora Everton (Wollongong) R/Up Lesley Easton (Port Macquarie)
Blue Block: Winner Maureen Greenwood (MUCC) R/Up Dianne Bonnitcha (Sutherland)
Green Block: Winner Lorraine Hatfield (Port Hacking) R/up Larry Becroft (Nowra)

Bob Williamson

Robyn Wilson (Gerry Hassett absent), Margaret Sawers, Dianne Bonnitcha. Kevin Davies
Greg Deakin, Bernie McAlarey,Lenora Everton, Tony McArthur
Lenora Everton, Margaret Sawers, Lesley Easton
Maureen Greenwood and Dianne Bonnitcha
Lorraine Hatfield and Larry Becroft
Spring time at Nowra
Visitors from EDSACC, Brian and Penny Giersch
Robyn Wilson jumps red Brian Giersch whist Tony McArthur referees