Club tournament results

Wild Fig Golf Croquet Carnival
1 - 4 May 2017
Taree Croquet Club

Taree Wild Fig Carnival

(photo taken by Phill Sage at the Welcome session)
The annual Taree WIld Fig Golf Croquet Carnival was held from Tuesday 1st May, till Friday 4th May in glorious autumn weather.

The 36 players, all visitors to Taree, came from 13 different Croquet Clubs in an area stretching from Sawtell in the north, Nowra in the south and Young in the south west.

From the Welcome and Briefing session on Tuesday morning till the Finger Food and Presentation session on Friday afternoon the weather was good, the play competitive but friendly, the cuppas and nibbles frequent and the courts in their usual good condition. The only downside were noisy road marking machines working on Albert St for a day - but we now have a reconstructed, marked, smooth road beside the Club.

The players were divided into 2 groups of 18. One group played doubles while the other group became 2 blocks of singles for Tuesday & Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, the groups were reversed.

With 36 people playing 216 games over the 4 days, there was never a spare court. But with the friendly atmosphere prevailing amongst the players and Game Starter Lyn directing games to courts, each day’s games were completed before 4pm. This enabled visitors to Taree to shop, look around Taree or decide which restaurant to try that evening.

On Wednesday evening, 32 players and non-playing spouses, enjoyed the Carnival Dinner at the Sailo’s Restaurant in the Aquatic Club on the banks of the Manning River.

Taree Croquet Club thanks Mid Coast Council for their sponsorship and local businesses and members for their donations toward the raffles.

Also the be thanked are the players, who spent some of their non-playing time refereeing games and the Taree Club members who helped during the event.

Winners and runner-ups were:

Singles: Block A:
Winner: Cheryl Lloyd (Nelson Bay Club)
Runner-up: Carol Goodman (Macquarie City Club)

Singles: Block B:
Winner: Kay Barron (EDSACC Club)
Runner-up: Sandy Tawa (Nelson Bay Club)

Singles: Block C:
Winner: Elaine Coles (Forster Club)
Runner-up: Stephen Dilley (Forster Club)

Singles: Block D:
Winner: Marie Munns (Toronto Club)
Runner-up: Robert Greig (Forster Club)

Golf Croquet Doubles: Block G
Winner: Mary and Robert Greig (Forster Club)
Runner-up: Di Milne and Larry Becroft (Nowra Club)

Golf Croquet Doubles: Block H
Winner: Cheryl Lloyd and Sandy Tawa (Nelson Bay Club)
Runner-up: John Graham and Max Gleeson (Smithtown Club)

Tom Akre
Carnival Manager