Club tournament results

Golf Croquet Carnival
12-14 Sep 2018
Port Macquarie Croquet Club
This annual carnival was held in glorious weather - always a blessing for croquet carnivals. The 36 players came from 11 different clubs, from Sawtell in the North to Jamberoo in the South. It was good to welcome a few new players.

Unfortunately, due to late withdrawals, 5 of our members were slotted into the competition. In the Singles, there were 6 graded blocks of 6 players. The Doubles were seeded, with 4 blocks of 8 players, and arranged so that there was a good challenging warm-up at the beginning of each day - Block A: (1,8), (2,7), (3,6), (4,5). Block B: (9,16), (10,15), .... The Doubles winners were:

Block A: Fred Smith-White (Forster) and Roy Corse (Smithtown)
Block B: Garry Saxton (S.W. Rocks) and Lynley Mitchell (Urunga)
Block C: Joseph De Giovanni (Manly) and Jim Timbs (Nelson Bay)
Block D: Joan Wheatland (Sawtell) and Robyn Clarke (Port Macquarie)

Sadly, on Friday Peter and Elaine Coles had to withdraw from the competition. All blocks were fiercely contested but it appears that ‘local knowledge’ was an advantage. Only 2 players were undefeated - Stephen Howes in Block A and Erlinda Attwater in Block D. The Singles results were:

Block A: Winner: Stephen Howes (Cammeray) Runner-up: John Mitchell (Urunga)
Block B: Winner: Liz Woods (S.W. Rocks) Runner-up: Roy Corse (Smithtown)
Block C: Winner: Kevin Attwater (Port Macquarie) Runner-up: Lyn Dalziel (Sawtell)
Block D: Winner: Erlinda Attwater (Port Macquarie) Runner-up: Janelle Brown (Jamberoo)
Block E: Winner: Keith Dalton (Port Macquarie) Runner-up: Jim Timbs (Nelson Bay)
Block F: Winner: Robyn Clarke (Port Macquarie) Runner-up: Pam Dingle (Nelson Bay)

As usual, many of our club members contributed to the success of the carnival by helping with the organisation, keeping the players supplied with food and drink, taking action and group photos and donating gifts for the 3 daily raffle prizes.

We were very grateful to the many players and club referees who volunteered to referee, under the supervision of the Tournament Referee, Trevor Thornton.

Two social functions were held. On Wednesday night many had dinner at The Westport Club, to whom we are now affiliated. Jenny Edmunds, Community and Sports Manager, The Westport Club, and Peta Pinson, Port Macquarie-Hastings Council Mayor, presented the prizes. We thank the Westport Club and the Council for their support and sponsorship. A dinner in the clubhouse followed the presentation. Judy Chapman and Helen Meers catered for the event.

The collage that accompanies this report is also available on the club’s website. The photos were taken by Herman Camphuis and made into a collage by me. A collage photo will be emailed to all participants, as a momento of the carnival.

Bridget Earle
Carnival Manager