Club tournament results

Golf Croquet Carnival
7-9 Sep 2022
Port Macquarie Croquet Club
It was so good to be able to hold a carnival again, after a three year break because of the Covid pandemic. The 24 players came from Coutts Crossing in the north to Nowra in the south. There were 4 graded blocks of 6 players who played a double round robin, one level and one handicap. Only the Port Macquarie 2 players had played the Advantage GC option before. I really like it - after working out the starting scores the play is straight forward, with no thought about when to use extra strokes.

The winners were:

Block A Winner Peter Waters (Urunga) Runner-up Ron May (EDSACC)

Block B Winner Wendy Forbes (Urunga) Runner-up Catherine Waters (Urunga)

Block C Winner Rae Uptin (Nelson Bay) Runner-up Gregory Carter (Coutts Crossing)

Block D Winner Robyn Clarke (Port Macquarie) Runner-up Lyn Dalziel (Sawtell)

Jill Drury was an excellent Carnival Secretary. She and Kay Craig were industrious recorders, scorers and handicap card checkers - they also entered the results on

Trevor Thornton was the Tournament Referee. With few qualified referees, we were grateful to so many of the players who were willing to be scorers/time-keepers. With rolling starts, the 120 games proceeded very smoothly over the 3 days.

The court surface was not good. With so much rain and a very high water-table the greenkeeper has struggled to try to improve the greens.

Our members brought in delicious cakes, slices, cheese and biscuits and chocolate coated strawberries each day. They also donated to the daily raffle prizes.

The carnival dinner on Wednesday night was held at The Westport Club. The end of carnival Presentation dinner, organized by Jill Drury and Sue Moss, was delicious. Jenny Edmunds, the Community and Sports Manager from The Westport Club, presented the prizes.

I created the usual photo montage (attached) from photos taken by Robin Shenton. The montage is sent to all carnival players as a momento of the carnival. We intend to hold a similar carnival next year.

Bridget Earle
Carnival Manager