Club Members

West Street Nowra Croquet Club
Playing days Tuesdays 9am, Thursday 9.30am and 2nd session 2pm, Saturday 9am Lawns 1 Members 12
Location The Showground, West Street, Nowra Phone   Play GC
President Phone   Mobile 0417 284 436
Secretary Phone   Mobile 0417 284 436
Postal address PO Box 895, Nowra 2541 Notes Any member wishing to invite a guest on other days are welcome with notice to the Secretary.

MEMBERS ID Name Title First NP AC handicap AC index GC handicap GC index RC handicap RC index
23054 BENNING Mrs Virginia
22818 BUTLER Mr Ernie
22707 CUMES Mr Peter
22212 DAVIDSON Mr Ernest N
23212 GRAHAM Mr John M
22548 LINDSAY PARK Mrs Willy
20099 PENDER Mrs Rhonda
22791 POTTER Mrs Judy
18817 WOOD Mr John
22850 WOOD Mr Kevin 10 1200
18818 WOOD Mrs Anne 12 1132 7
22829 YEE Mrs Norma