Croquet NSW email list service

In 2012 CNSW created an email list service to allow members of affiliated clubs to communicate with each other.

The web page describes the purpose of this list (or group) as follows:

This group is open to any member of a croquet Club affiliated with Croquet NSW.

Messages on the list can:

  1. Seek advice on any aspect of operating a club or playing the game
  2. Provide advice to members of other clubs
  3. Inform club members of changes in rules or procedures
  4. Notify of coming events
  5. Provide suggestions or ideas on improving some aspect of the game or its administration
  6. Seek help or support in organising an event

What the group is not to be used for is to 'Flame' (criticise) another person or club. Anyone doing this more than once will be banned from the list.

There are two ways to join the list:

  1. Open the web page and click on the link which says 'Join This Group'. You will be guided through a procedure which will require you to enter your preferred e-mail address and then confirm it. The system will then send an e-mail to you to confirm it has the correct address. When you confirm this e-mail you will be subscribed.
  2. Send a request to the moderator who, after checking that you are in the CNSW Yearbook, will send an e-mail to invite you to join the list. You just have to confirm the e-mail once it is received and you will be subscribed. Note that this method only adds you to the email list and does not provide you with access to all the features of the group website If you wish to see what is available on the group web site then you will need to log in from the main page and then create a password.

For further information please contact the moderator,