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Member Sign In

If you are a member of a Croquet NSW affiliated club, you can sign into the website database to visit the Members Area, to keep your own details up to date, to register online for CNSW events, and to list coaches and referees with their contact details.

Your club secretary must have entered your email address into the database for you to be able to sign in.

(If you are an Individual Member, please contact me requesting entry of your email address into the database.)

To sign in:

  1. Select the Sign In tab above, and do steps 2-5 if you do not yet have a password (or have forgotten it).
  2. Enter your email address as the Username.
  3. Press the Sign In button, which will issue the message "Sign In failed".
  4. Press the Send Password button, which will send your password to your email inbox.
  5. Open your email to receive the CNSW Website Sign In message containing your password.
  6. In the Sign In page, enter your email address as the Username, your password as the Password, and press the Sign In button to see:


When editing details or registering for CNSW events, if your email address applies to more than one member, these are shown in a table or pulldown: select the member required.

When editing details, if you are a member of more than one club, these are shown in a pulldown: select the required club. Note that your details (except handicaps) are held separately for each club.

You are encouraged to keep your handicaps and indexes up to date.

If you require assistance, please contact me.

CNSW Website Administrator