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10 February 2019
A coach accreditation course will be held at Strathfield Croquet Club on the 7th and 8th March. If you would like to become a coach in Golf Croquet, Association Croquet and/or Ricochet, please see "How to Become a Croquet Coach" on the coaching page, and Pam Gentle.
2 February 2019
23 January 2019
Members would be aware that CNSW is renewing its Strategic Plan this year and we have engaged a sports consultant to help us. Part of the process is to ask members to undertake an e-Survey and the compiled data will assist in working out the future direction of CNSW. We would like as many CNSW members to complete the survey as possible as the more responses we get then the more valid will be the data. If you are happy to undertake the survey please use this link - CLICK HERE to complete the Croquet NSW 2019-2021 Strategic Plan - Member e-Survey. Members may receive an email about this survey from their club or CNSW Officers but will only be able to complete the survey once !!
13 January 2019
After sign in, club secretaries and CNSW officers can access a CNSW Coaches and Referees section (formerly part of the Yearbook). These lists included email addresses but now also include phone and mobile numbers. An additional Privacy for qualification lists flag is now available to suppress a member's contact details (email, phone, mobile) in such lists. Any member who wishes to do so should sign in and use Edit my details to set this flag, or ask their club secretary to do so.
11 January 2019
The Board wishes to announce the team that will participate in the 2019 Eire Cup being held in Western Australia from 20th to the 24th March 2019.

Trevor Bassett (Vice Captain)   Alison Sharpe (Captain)
Jim NichollsAlix Verge
Stephen RichardsBarbara McDonald
Rob ElliottSue Eldridge-Smith

with Alan Honey as reserve and Alan Walsh as Team Manager. Photo...
2 January 2019
A flyer from Brenda regarding CNSW showcasing croquet on Australia Day at the annual NSW Government House Open Day has been distributed to club secretaries, CNSW Officers and Regional Coordinators. The program for the day can be accessed here.
19 December 2018
The 2019 CNSW Yearbook/Member Directory has been emailed to Club Secretaries, CNSW Officers and Regional Coordinators as a Portable Document Format file (PDF). The PDF is fully searchable. In the New Year, CNSW plans to make it available in the Members Area which can be accessed after signing in.
17 December 2018
Our Schedule of Fees and Reimbursables (available from the Members Area following sign in) has been updated to resolve an anomaly regarding the reimbursement of lawn fees.
12 December 2018
The December CNSW Newsletter is now available. Visit the Newsletter page...
24 November 2018
Clubs pages have been reorganised into CNSW Regions.
20 November 2018
This week, CNSW emailed three information documents to Club Secretaries. They were (a) an incident report dealing with trip hazards in and around the clubhouse, (b) updating handicaps and indexes in the database and maintaining a single Golf Croquet Handicap Card, and (c) publication of the 2019 Yearbook and future Yearbooks. Your club should post these documents on the club notice board so that all members can read them.
8 November 2018
The new rules for Golf Croquet together with some explanatory material is available on the Refereeing page The new rules are due to come into force on 1st January 2019.
3 November 2018
The online Yearbook, available to club secretaries, has been divided into two sections, Club and Member Directory and Coaches and Referees. The latter is now also available after Member sign in.
31 October 2018
The 2018 Christmas Lunch and Presentation of Awards will be held at Concordia Club, Tempe on Saturday 8th December. More...
7 October 2018
The October CNSW Board update for Members is available from the Members Area...
4 October 2018
Workshops for coaches will be held at Maitland, Nowra and Mosman on 14th, 16th and 18th October. Details...
3 October 2018
The Board is pleased to announce that Mr Peter Martin has agreed to become our Club Development Officer. Peter has much experience in forming and developing croquet clubs and is currently the Secretary of Coutts Crossing Croquet Club. If you know of any clubs who might wish to join CNSW, or of people thinking about forming a club, could you point them in Peter's direction.