2018 Eire Cup

Congratulations to the NSW team for their 3rd placing in the Eire Cup competition.

The team of Stephen Richards, Alan Honey, Rob Elliott, Alan Walsh, Rosie Landrebe, Alix Verge, Pam Gentle and Barbara McDonald put in 100% effort each day. Team spirit was high for the whole competition, and we were disappointed to miss out on 2nd place by just one game.

Rob Elliott, in his first Eire Cup, had 8 wins out of 10 in the Singles, and 3 out of 5 in the Doubles. Rosie Landrebe was outstanding with 9 wins out of 10 in the Singles, and 5 out of 5 in the Doubles, which was the best result of any of the men or women playing at numbers 1 or 2 from any state. Alix Verge was the only woman to achieve a triple peel (against South Australia), and had 7 wins out of 10 in the Singles. Barb McDonald had 4 Singles wins in her first Eire Cup, which was an excellent result.

The whole team is proud to represent New South Wales, and excited to be able to play croquet in such a prestigious competition.