2022 NSW GC Gold Brooch (doubles)

After a hectic three days, I can tell you that I am not the only one who is Croqueted Out. (I know there is no such word, but the other words I am feeling are not allowed to be put in an email when you are Secretary of a Club)

I will try and decipher what went on but only playing one match whilst another 3 were going on makes it very hard. Chris Lavina and myself played a semi final for the plate against Pam Gentle and Brenda Lee Peet first off this morning. Kicking off at around 8.45 it was a match of best of 3 games. The baddies won the first set on the 13th hoop. The goodies won the 2nd game on the 13th hoop, and at 12.30pm our tournament director said two more shots and we finish in the 3rd set. The goodies were one up at this point and then the baddies on the last shot got a hoop and we were even. The Tournament Director swore and said next hoop wins. After either side had an advantage and lost it, the baddies won. In all seriousness, it was a game that was most enjoyable, except when we had to wait for the other group playing on the same lawn a number of times, one of the times was for over 30 minutes as they played out one hoop. But at the end of the game Chris’s comment to me is ‘ what a great game.’ I agree, even though the baddies won.

Games went on around us, but The Final match was played in the afternoon between Chris Williams of Toronto Club and Cheryl Patterson of EDSACC and Sue and Glen Sellars of Toronto. Chris is the coach of the Sellars and the battle was intense. At the end of the day Chris and Chery came out victors 7-6; 4-7, 7-5. A great game and at hoop 10 the favourites were the Sellars. In the other game for 3rd and 4th we had Ken Green and Lyn Baker (both of Maitland Club) playing Trevor Black (of Nelson Bay Club and Maitland Club) and Liz Friend (Nelson Bay Club) with Ken and Lyn winning in two games 7-3; 7-6.

There was a presentation ceremony conducted by TD Steve Thornton, and both 1st and 2nd place getters thanked Maitland Club for persisting and putting the tournament on. They also thanked Steve Thornton who had to deal with quite a bit over the three days and did admirably. We can all be proud of his efforts.

There are many people to thank. Many members turned up at daybreak on Monday to assist us in setting up and moving stuff from Croquet Club to Bowling Club. One of our roles over these three days is to supply Morning and Afternoon teas. To all of you who supplied the food, a very big thank you form all of our now very big stomachs. I tried to get some of the leftovers into my car, but I was unsuccessful. Apparently there will be a very good morning tea at Golf Croquet. President Ian worked his but off and this would not been as good without his effort. Maitland Council for allowing us to use the Bowlo as a venue. It was not an ideal venue and it a lot of places the grass had disappeared and we were playing on sand, but all competitors had to deal with the same conditions and play went on.

There was also a hell of a lot of spectators over the three days. We averaged around 40 to 50 people over each day. But towards the end of the tournament, few were left. The surviving spectators are shown in the photo doing a wave and the end of the final. There is also a photo of our TD Steve, blowing the camera man a kiss at the end of the presentation.

For three days, Peter Smith was our Referee. He did a great job, until it came to the photography. All day Tuesday he carried his camera around and took many snaps. Although I have not verified this with Peter, I have been told that he forgot to put the memory card into the camera. That he was called on about 6 times says a lot for the spirit in which this tournament was played.

And someone we just seem to take for granted is Sandie Stockwell. Sandy was there every morning before play started, took the orders for lunch, and made sure the coffee was on early. A great effort.

Thanks again folks.


Bob Kerr
Secretary, Maitland Croquet Club Inc.