On-line Database Changes

26th March 2017

Hello Club Secretaries,

To streamline the collation of data after the April 3rd GC handicap changes, the ability for you to update handicaps and indexes has been added to the "Edit club members" function in the CNSW database.

If the updates could be done within a week of the changes, that would be ideal. I will continuously monitor and check entries (and will give reminders!) but it would still be much appreciated if you could let me know if you are finished or if you are having problems.

This is also a great opportunity for you to inspect other member information - such as AC indexes and handicaps - confirming with members and correcting these as appropriate.

The good news is that facility will be on-going and not just in operation for the GC transition. As such, it provides a superb central resource for you to keep fundamental information about your club members. All backed up, checked and safe... What we call a "Source of Truth" in database speak!

It is even good for your administration of playing information about players that do not use ACA handicap cards (for example those that only play within clubs). Indeed, the April 3rd activities are a great opportunity to adjust those members handicaps so that they are aligned with club members who do maintain ACA cards.

In the future, there will also be fields for you to record Ricochet indices and handicaps, if appropriate.

Questions regarding the revised web form are best addressed to our website administrator but I may be able to triage basic questions.

Only secretaries have access to this function at present. Tournament managers will have a similar ability in the future.

All the best

State Handicapper
Croquet New South Wales
0405 506 718