GC Gold Brooch

Report and results...

Sandy Tawa (Nelson Bay) and John Compton (Maitland) - Day 1

Julie Thornton (Maitland) not impressed by the local weather on day 1

And this is why - intermittent downpours and strong winds - the soup was popular for lunch that day!

Day 2 - Cheryl Lloyd and Sandy Tawa (both of Nelson Bay)
modelling the latest fashion in wet weather footwear.

Day 3 and the sun is shining at last -
Sandy Tawa (Nelson Bay) and John Compton (Maitland) v John Pace & Robyn Compton (Maitland),
referee Margaret Thompson (Nelson Bay)

Tony Hall (front) & Ralph Richardson from Canberra

Winners in action - Chris Robertson (left, Branxton) and Ron King (Maitland).

Runners up - Cheryl Patterson (EDSACC) and Chris Williamson (Toronto)
with tournament manager, Linda Butler (Nelson Bay) and Robyn Crompton on the right.

Tournament winners - Ron King (left, from Maitland) and Chris Robertson (Branxton)