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27 March 2017
The CNSW Brochure Let's Play Croquet has been updated. Visit the Downloads page...
26 March 2017
All clubs are now able to update handicaps by signing on to the website. Clubs are asked to do this as soon as possible, to update the handicaps and indexes of their GC players in accordance with the ACA handicap change which takes effect on 3rd April. More from Gareth Denyer...
26 March 2017
Use up the Old GC Handicap Cards !! The State Handicapper, Gareth Denyer has come up with a great idea. Although CNSW has distributed new GC Handicap cards to every club, many clubs will undoubtedly have old style cards that are new and perfectly useable, and some players may use their cards only occasionally. This being the case, once the conversion to the new system has taken place please feel free to use the `old' cards until they are all finished but apply the new handicap and index system.
20 March 2017
Whilst the March newsletter was being put together and published the responses from Clubs were being received and considered. As a result the Board has agreed to move some clubs between regions and increase the number of regions from 7 to 9. The revised groupings can be found by accessing this information and if clubs wish to be in a different grouping, or a group want a different name, then please advise as soon as possible.The response to the expression of interest as a Regional Coordinator has not been as good as expected so the Board has decided to ask each Region to provide their coordinator. Regions can decide how this is to be achieved and clubs will be asked about this over the next few days.
20 March 2017
This afternoon, new GC Handicap Cards have been dispatched to all clubs via Australia Post. Enclosed with the cards is an instruction sheet for converting to the new system. After 3rd April, players who enter a competition must have the 'new system' card and it is the responsibility of the player to ensure that the conversion takes place, preferably before the events starts. Club officiers can and will assist in this process and if there are any serious problems clubs can contact or .
17 March 2017
CNSW is pleased to announce that Gareth Denyer has agreed to fill the role of State Handicapper and will take over from Peter Smith in the next few days. Peter is stepping down after a number of years of keeping you all honest and correcting errors and the Board, on behalf of you all, thanks him most sincerely for the hours spent reviewing result sheets. In the near future the handicappers email account will be transferred to Gareth and he will be the main contact as CNSW introduces the new GC Handicapping System and moves the responsibility for maintaining handicaps and index's on the database to tournament managers and the clubs themselves.
13 March 2017
The March CNSW Newsletter is now available. Visit the Newsletter page...
13 March 2017
Prices for the AC Laws, GC Rules and GC Handbook have increased from $7 to $7.50 due to ACA postage charges. AC Laws is out of stock but new supplies are on their way; GC Handbook is out of stock and the ACA have not given any indication of when it will be available. Visit the Shop...
2 March 2017
The CNSW Board is committed to keeping a safe workplace at its facilities and expects Clubs to have a similar commitment at their facilities. In consultation with the ACA Insurance Broker, CNSW has prepared a Safety Checklist which is an audit document for Clubs to read, digest, complete and act upon. Clubs do not need to advise CNSW about the results of the audit although CNSW would be interested in the audit result when it selects clubs to host CNSW events. The Safety Checklist is available from the Governance page...
24 February 2017
A link to the Croquet Association Laws Quiz, an excellent set of questions on the laws of AC, has been added to the Refereeing page...
24 February 2017
The ACA Member Protection Policy has been updated to version 8, and the link to it has been updated on our Governance page...
24 February 2017
The Board is delighted to announce the appointment of Mrs Pam Gentle as State Director of Coaching for both AC and GC. Pam's role will be to develop a network of AC and GC coaches around the State, and these regional coaches will interact with the clubs. Her contact details are on the Contact page...
18 February 2017
NSW Juniors Charlie Sharpe, Jamie Gumbrell and Lana Sexton are playing in the WCF World U21 Championships at Cairnlea from 18th to 23rd February.

18 February 2017
The AC Bronze Singles winner was Ann Shaddick with Ralda Kirton as runner up.