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25/11/2016 NRCARicochet Workshop Hits The Target
21/10/2016 MaitlandRicochet Challenge
18/10/2016 NowraSpring Golf Croquet Carnival
29/09/2016 Orange CitySpring Golf Croquet Carnival
19/09/2016 Port MacquarieGolf Croquet Carnival results
01/09/2016 TorontoInaugural Gold Brooch event at Toronto
30/08/2016 NowraCombined Probus clubs play croquet
04/08/2016 Port HackingIntroduction to Ricochet
28/07/2016 NowraFriends of Callala visit Nowra
10/07/2016 NowraInaugural NSW Ricochet Carnival
10/07/2016 Macquarie CityWinter Tournament results
13/06/2016 Mount SugarloafClub history
25/05/2016 TorontoLake Macquarie to get new Croquet Centre
09/05/2016 NowraWorld Croquet Day
08/05/2016 TorontoWorld Croquet Day

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29 November 2016
A highly successful inaugural Ricochet Doubles event was played at Tempe from 18th to 20th November, with teams from Ballina, Lismore, Nowra, Sutherland, Canberra, Maitland and Mount Sugarloaf.
28 November 2016
The 2017 Yearbook is ready for publishing. As in previous year it is approximately 90 pages, A4 size and wire bound. CNSW supplies one to each club and many clubs and individuals order additional yearbooks. Each additional yearbook costs $22 and postage will be charged if it cannot be included with the club copy. We need to know how many yearbooks to print, so orders need to be placed as soon as possible and should be emailed to either or the . It would be helpful if the name of the club or individual could be put on the subject line together with the number required eg "Tempe Croquet Club - 3 extra copies".
28 November 2016
A second CNSW Facebook page has been added to the Links page...
19 November 2016
Notes from the Chair
At the most recent AGM, a proposal was put forward that CNSW prepare Most Improved Player awards. Read on...
Peter Coles
18 November 2016
A new CNSW Communication Committee held its first meeting on 10th November, with initial members Alison Sharpe, Wendy Fothergill, Roberta Flint and David Archer. The committee aims to monitor and improve all forms of croquet communication in NSW and the ACT, and encourages contact from all CNSW members. View its terms of reference... and the Contact page... and the
18 November 2016
The Gala Day planned for Feb 2017 has been cancelled due to a lack of interest in recent years.
16 November 2016
The MAKARA carnival this year attracted 86 entries from players representing 11 clubs and the prize winners were spread over all of these clubs. Association and Golf Croquet events were played, plus Ricochet for the first time. Now 93, Wallace Fernance played the lot!
7 November 2016
Notes from the Chair
Clubs are asked to update their membership details in the website database as soon as possible. More...
Peter Coles
7 November 2016
A history of Sawtell Croquet Club is now available from the Club histories page...
4 November 2016
The CNSW Annual Luncheon and Presentation of Trophies will be on Saturday 10th December 2016 at Club Willoughby, 26 Crabbes Ave, North Willoughby 2068, commencing at 11.00am. The luncheon will cost $40 and the Invitation and Menu can be accessed from the link. Members wishing to attend the Luncheon should email and also copy the as soon as possible and no later than 30th November 2016. If they have any particular dietary requirements this should be mentioned in the email. At the start of the event the Chair of the Board will address the gathering. Get the flier...
22 October 2016
The handicaps pages have been updated. Additionally, club members can now be listed with their handicaps and IDs, by selecting club member counts on the Clubs pages. Visit the Handicaps pages...
10 October 2016
CNSW fielded 3 of the 5 players at the Australian Under 21 Golf Croquet Championships played at Cairnlea.
1 October 2016
Notes from the Chair
Members may not be aware of events such as the Coaching Course, and the Gateball introduction in Sydney in November. More...
Peter Coles
30 August 2016
The September CNSW Newsletter is now available. Visit the Newsletter page...
29 August 2016
Ballina Croquet Club has celebrated its 80th Anniversary, and published a revised club history. visit the Club histories page...
29 August 2016
The CNSW Golf Croquet Handicap Doubles was played at Newcastle National Park.
29 August 2016
Email addresses have been changed on Tournament Results, Daily Score Sheet and Handicap and Index forms. To replace your copies, please visit the Downloads page...
12 July 2016
A warm welcome to Smithtown Croquet Club, now affiliated with CNSW. Details...