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Croquet Australia - National Coaching Program - Summary Of Prerequisites

Improve Your Game Notes

 DisciplineNumber Description Date Issued
  Gen 1.1 Grip 08-Mar-14
  Gen 1.2 Stalk 08-Mar-14
  Gen 1.3 Stance 08-Mar-14
  Gen 1.4 Swing 08-Mar-14
  Gen 2 Magic Aiming Point 14-Feb-15
  AC 1.1 Vee or Arrow Head 24-Jan-14
  AC 1.2 Thin Take-off 24-Jan-14
  AC 1.3 Thick Take-off 24-Jan-14
  AC 2.1 Circle Hoop Approach 30-Jan-14
  AC 2.2 Phantom Hoop 25-Mar-14
  AC 3.1 3 Ball Cannon 24-Dec-13
  AC 3.2 4 Ball Cannon 24-Dec-13
 Golf Croquet
  GC 1 Stop Shot 13-Mar-14
  GC 2.1 Bombard
  GC 3 Non-playing Side of Hoop 06-May-16

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