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11 February 2018
Message from the Board

With great excitement many of us have been following the World Croquet Federation AC World Championships played in Wellington NZ over the last 2 weeks.

Players Alison Sharpe (Killara), Nick Chapman (Canberra), Stephen Richards (Canberra), Alan Honey (Queanbeyan), Tim Murphy (Canberra), Trevor Bassett (Independent), Alan Walsh (Cammeray) and Jim Nicholls (Wagga Wagga) all proudly represented their Clubs, CNSW and Australia in this event.

In just being at the Worlds all players have demonstrated their strategic and tactical mastery of the game providing inspiration to others.

On behalf of the CNSW Board and all of the CNSW Croquet community, I express a hearty congratulations to all these players for their showing in this highly competive international field. Special congratulations to Jim Nicholls and Stephen Richards who both qualified for the final knockout round.

Brenda Wild
CNSW Chair

19 January 2018
A history of Queanbeyan Croquet Club is now available. Visit the Club histories page...
3 January 2018
Coach accreditation dates for the New Year -
Maitland 16 / 17 January
Canberra 24 / 25 January
Mosman 7 / 8 February
Forster 19 / 20 February
Please refer to the How to Become a Croquet Coach document on the Coaching page, and email if you would like to take part in any of these workshops.
15 December 2017
The CNSW Board has issued a message about its recent activities to all members. Read it...
15 December 2017
Tony McArthur from Sutherland Croquet Club has filled the casual vacancy on the Board caused by the resignation of Nerida Taylor. This means that there are now 5 CNSW Directors which is the minimum number required by the constitution. Tony is well know to the croquet community and was a past member of the CNSW Executive and also a Director on the inaugural CNSW Board.
11 December 2017
Brenda Wild has agreed to take on the role of Board Chair. Read Brenda's profile...
11 December 2017
The December CNSW Newsletter is now available. Visit the Newsletter page...
8 December 2017
This week, Tricia Vierra and Nerida Taylor have resigned as CNSW Directors. Tricia has relocated from the Hunter Valley to Devonport in Tasmania and is no longer a member of CNSW. The Board wish her all the best and hope that she and Andrew, her partner, enjoyed their sojourn to the 'Big Island'. Nerida, the Chair, has resigned to free up time to pursue her interests outside of croquet, which will involve family and travel, but will remain involved in some of the initiatives she has started.

This now leaves CNSW critically short of Directors and it would be helpful if some of our members could see their way to becoming a Director, even if it is for a limited period.

6 December 2017
The 2018 CNSW Yearbook is now available. Members who would like a copy should contact their club secretary about the process for ordering it.
26 November 2017
Hop on over to the Easter Gala in Launceston next year. Flier...
25 November 2017
ACA Scholarships are available for AC and GC players, tournament management and referees. Applications close on 8th December. Details on the ACA website...
25 November 2017
CNSW Event Registration is now available on our website to all members via sign in, by selecting an event and completing and saving the registration form. Event registration is confirmed by email. Event registration can also be commenced from the 2018 CNSW Events page by selecting the Register link of an event. Further details...
31 October 2017
Signage is now available at Tempe to deter incursions by the public. Photos...
21 October 2017
Croquet NSW is delighted to announce that Alison Sharpe and Peter Landrebe have both been selected as finalists for the NSW Sports Awards 2017. Alison is now a finalist for Athlete of the Year (Croquet) and Peter Landrebe, Coach of the Year (Croquet). Tickets are now on sale for the NSW Champions of Sport Ceremony to be held at Rosehill Gardens on Monday 27 November 2017 where the winners will be announced. is happy to coordinate purchases for tables for anyone to join the celebrations. Full details at Sport NSW...
19 October 2017
Roberta Flint is now a member of the CNSW Board. View her profile...
18 October 2017
The CNSW Christmas Presentation Lunch will be held at the Ramsgate RSL on Saturday 9th December. Additional details...
17 October 2017
Earlier this year, CNSW divided its affiliated clubs into 9 CNSW Regions, each with a coordinator. For details of our regions, visit the Regions section of the Clubs page...
16 October 2017
Proposed dates for Level 1 Coaching courses - North Sydney region 28-29 October; Hunter region 1-2 November; Mid north coast, date to be confirmed. If you would like to become a coach in GC, AC and/or Ricochet, please see How to become a croquet coach on the Coaching page, and
10 October 2017
The Tournament Committee has invited member clubs to host a number of CNSW Events. Two documents have been sent to Club Secretaries, one describes the criteria for hosting an event, the other the events that are available to host. Members should also be aware that the draft event calendar for 2018 is now available...
9 October 2017
The CNSW Christmas Presentation Lunch will be held at the Ramsgate RSL on Saturday 9th December. Details...
5 October 2017
CNSW has prepared an information document to assist clubs to obtain external funding and grants. View this document...
5 October 2017
The 2018 Croquet NSW Yearbook will be based upon the website database at 8pm on 25th October. Club secretaries and individual members are asked to ensure that their details are correct at that time. View notice...