CNSW constitution, policy documents, meeting minutes, annual reports

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ACA Documents:

ACA Insurance Program
ACA Member Protection Policy

CNSW Constitution and Policies:

CNSW Constitution (PDF version)
CNSW Constitution (Word version)

CNSW Strategic Plan

CNSW Anti Discrimination Policy
CNSW Child Protection Policy
CNSW Communication Committee
CNSW Discipline of Members and Complaints Policy
CNSW Doping Policy
CNSW Duties of Officials and Committee Members
CNSW Duties of Tournament Officials
CNSW Fees and Reimbursables
CNSW Health and Safety Policy
CNSW Junior Development Award Program
CNSW Privacy Policy
CNSW Risk Management Plan
CNSW Selection Policy
CNSW Standing Orders
CNSW Sun Protection Policy
CNSW Tournament Regulations
CNSW Volunteer Policy

CNSW Handbook - the CNSW Handbook has been superseded by the CNSW Constitution and Policies. If something is not covered by these documents then the relevant section of the Handbook remains temporarily in force.

CNSW Guidelines:

Club Committee Guidelines
Club Safety Checklist

CNSW Annual Reports:

2016-2017 Annual Report
2015-2016 Annual Report
2014-2015 Annual Report
2013-2014 Annual Report
2012-2013 Annual Report
2011-2012 Annual Report

CNSW Meeting Minutes:

17/05/2017 Board Meeting (Member Information)
17/04/2017 Board Meeting (Member Information)
15/03/2017 Board Meeting (Member Information)
08/02/2017 Board Meeting (Member Information)
21/12/2016 Board Meeting (Member Information)
16/11/2016 Board Meeting (Member Information)
29/10/2016 Board Meeting (Member Information)
19/09/2016 Board Meeting (Member Information)
27/08/2016 Board Meeting - Incoming (Member Information)

27/08/2016 Annual General Meeting

27/08/2016 Board Meeting - Outgoing (Member Information)
27/07/2016 Board Meeting (Member Information)
23/06/2016 Board Meeting (Member Information)
09/04/2016 Board Meeting (Member Information)
21/02/2016 Board Meeting (Member Information)
14/01/2016 Board Meeting (Member Information)
25/11/2015 Board Meeting (Member Information)
22/10/2015 Board Meeting (Member Information)

29/08/2015 Annual General Meeting

29/08/2015 Council Ordinary Meeting
29/08/2015 Council Special Meeting
23/05/2015 Council Ordinary Meeting
07/03/2015 Council Ordinary Meeting
06/12/2014 Council Ordinary Meeting
06/12/2014 Council Special Meeting

30/08/2014 Annual General Meeting

30/08/2014 Council Ordinary Meeting
14/06/2014 Council Ordinary Meeting
14/06/2014 Council Special Meeting